DOMINICANS WITHDRAW IN FACE OF EXPOSURE: Flash!!! Gobierno dominicano retira militares daban seguridad a ayudas humanitarias en Haití tras paso de Matthew.- VITWA POU MILITAN REZO SOSYO YO!


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Oct 15, 2016
Los congresistas haitianos dieron un plazo de 24 horas a las autoridades dominicanas para que los militares dominicanos desalojen la zona donde están acampados en la base de la Marina Haitiana, próximo a Puerto Príncipe
Julián Herrera – 15 de octubre de 2016 – 2:23 pm

SANTO DOMINGO, República Dominicana.- El ministro de Defensa, teniente general Rubén Darío Paulino Sem, informó este sábado, 15 de octubre, que ya fueron retirados de Haití los militares dominicanos enviados para dar seguridad a las ayudas humanitarias enviadas por el Gobierno Dominicano, luego del paso del huracán Matthew por esa nación.

Ayer, congresistas haitianos dieron un plazo de 24 horas a las autoridades dominicanas para que los militares dominicanos desalojen la zona donde están acampados en la base de la Marina Haitiana, próximo a Puerto Príncipe.

Sin embargo, el jefe de las Fuerzas Armadas dominicanas aseguró que los militares dominicanos regresaron de Haití ayer, porque su misión de proteger las ayudas y al personal que la transportaba, terminó.

En declaración exclusiva a reporteros de, el teniente general dijo que ciertamente parlamentarios haitianos se pronunciaron en contra de la presencia de militares dominicanas en su territorio.

“En estos momento no hay militares nuestro en Haití, se lo puedo asegurar, ya las Fuerzas Armadas cumplió con su misión sin mayores inconvenientes”, expresó el ministro de Defensa.

Para el senador haitiano, Jean Rénel Sénatus, la presencia de militares dominicanos portando armas largas en su país, va contra el orgullo y la dignidad del pueblo haitiano.

“Nos estamos moviendo hacia un tipo de ocupación, no porque tenemos hambre deberían de tener la oportunidad de llevarnos este trabajo sucio, enfatizo el congresito haitiano.

Las Fuerzas Armadas dominicanas y la Policía haitianas dieron seguridad a 500 camiones enviados por el Gobierno Dominicano para asistencia humanitaria a las poblaciones haitianas de las regiones afectadas por el huracán Matthew.

El senador Renel Senatus, presidente de la Comisión de Justicia y Seguridad Pública escribió al presidente del Senado de la República haitiano, Ronald Larèche para exigir la salida de las tropas dominicanas del país, en un plazo de 24 horas.

El ministro de Defensa, teniente general Roben Paulino Sem, rehusó emitir juicio sobre las declaraciones de los congresistas haitianos.

“Las Fuerzas Armadas hicieron su trabajo, cumplimos con lo encomendado por el Presidente de la República, Danilo Medina, y ya nuestros soldados se encuentran en el país, dijo el jefe de los cuerpos armados.



0500 Hours October 16, 2016: Our sources, within the Dominican Intelligence Services, tell us not one Dominican soldier has left Haitian territory.  Furthermore, they tell us that the Dominican military will remain in place until May 17, 2017.

If true – this is a big change in less than 12 hours!!

What type of unconstitutional, illegal, impeachable offences are being considered  by Privert, the OAS, United Nations, Friends of Haiti… as Privert continues his thrust to remove Jovenel Moise,  from the game, and see either Jude Celestin  the “Bridge Thief”, and partner in Marcello’s murder… or Aristide/Lavalas surrogate Maryse Narcisse placed on the Throne????

The American concept of Democracy would- yet again – be sewered to satisfy some other requirement.

And the OAS must respect the demands of its own Charter.
Several Articles specifically prohibit what is going on.
What has already occurred.

Article 20  The Territory of a State is inviolable; it may not be The object, even temporarily, of military occupation or any other measures of force taken by another State, directly, or indirectly, on any grounds whatsoever.


It would seem that a bunch of heavily armed Dominican soldiers – taking over certain locations, and declaring them “Diplomatic Zones” under their control, while others confront, and disarm PNH officers and members of MINUSTAH – constitutes a grave violation of this Article – and several others.

One must assume that Privert – a guy with legal Dominican Residence, who has worked closely with the Dominican Government – past and present – is using his influence to press Dominican forces into a vacuum, created with the Aristide/Lavalas destruction of our own Forces Armees d’Haiti (FAdH).

This is a period of extreme danger for the Individual and the Nation.
Time for Privert to go, replaced by a real Interim Government that will see elections held within the time stipulated by the 1987 Constitution’s Article 149.

90 days.


Specter of cholera outbreak introduced by UN soldiers looms as Ban Ki-moon visits survivors of hurricane’s onslaught. (Al Jazeera)

The UN chief has visited victims of devastating Hurricane Matthew, saying the destruction wrought by the storm is “heartbreaking”.

During Saturday’s trip, Ban Ki-moon renewed a pledge to help the nation cope with a deadly scourge of cholera that was introduced by UN peacekeepers after an earthquake in 2010.

Ban’s brief visit came as victims of the storm continued to express frustration – sometimes violently – at delays in aid about a week-and-a-half since Matthew hit southwest Haiti with 235km per hour (kph) winds, killing at least 546 people and demolishing or damaging tens of thousands of homes.

“I met so many displaced persons, young people, women who were pregnant and sick people. It was heartbreaking,” he said, describing his tour of an emergency shelter in the town of Les Cayes packed with families whose homes were destroyed.

People are treated at a cholera treatment centre in Jeremie [Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters]

Shortly before Ban’s helicopter was due to land in Les Cayes, a clash broke out between rock-throwing residents and peacekeepers at a UN base there.

Roughly 100 frustrated residents began hurling rocks when trucks ferrying food aid arrived. Haitian police officers and UN peacekeepers scattered the group with tear gas.

Calm was restored as Ban’s helicopter approached.

‘New approach’ to cholera

At the close of his roughly 4.5-hour stop in Haiti, Ban said at Port-au-Prince’s airport that a cholera-focused trust fund announced in recent weeks was part of the UN’s “new approach” to helping Haitian families who lost loved ones since the waterborne disease was introduced here in October 2010 – an outbreak that has been aggravated by the hurricane.

The UN said the fund is designed to help Haiti overcome cholera and build stronger water, sanitation and health systems.

There has long been ample evidence that cholera was introduced to the nation’s biggest river by inadequately treated sewage from a UN peacekeeping base about 10 months after Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

But the UN only acknowledged in August, following a leaked internal report, that it played a role in introducing cholera to Haiti and vowed to aid victims in the impoverished Caribbean nation, which has experienced the worst outbreak of the disease in recent history.

Farhan Haq, UN deputy spokesman, said that that “the United Nations has a moral responsibility to the victims”.

UN officials at one point said they were seeking about $181m for the special fund, but Ban mentioned no figures on Saturday as he vowed to help the families of victims and “most of all prevent and stop this cholera epidemic” by mobilising more UN resources.

Donor fatigue

Ban expressed disappointment, however, that international funding to fight cholera in Haiti and rebuild after Matthew is so far falling far short.

“I know that the world economic situation is not favourable, and I know that there is some donor fatigue by certain countries,” he said at the close of his brief visit.

Beatrice Lindstrom, a human rights lawyer with the nonprofit Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, said before the visit that activists were hopeful that Ban would “fully acknowledge the UN’s responsibility for introducing cholera to Haiti”.

“The need for a new UN response that both controls and eliminates cholera and compensates the victims who have suffered so much is now more dire than ever,” she said.

Health authorities say they have been struggling with a surge of patients with cholera in the wake of the Category 4 storm that struck on October 4 in a rugged region of southwest Haiti that’s home to more than one million people.

The wreckage left behind by the hurricane has created perfect conditions for spreading the waterborne disease. Rivers and outdoor latrines overflowed across the mountainous landscape.

Cholera, caused by bacteria that produce severe diarrhea and is contracted by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food, is easily treatable if caught in time and the proper treatment is provided. But it can lead to a rapid, agonising death through complete dehydration.

Ban departed Haiti for Ecuador’s capital of Quito in a UN jet on Saturday evening.

Haitians desperate for aid after Hurricane Matthew

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  1. To the Haitian Senators and other sectors that forced the withdraw of the Dominican soldiers, your actions will backlash in the form of mass deportations to Haiti, and harassment of Haitians living in the DR. There are a lot of discomfort and indignation right now in the Dominican Republic over what happened, and at least one nationalist party started stirring the pot by calling Haitians “backstabbers and ungrateful”. Some very powerful sectors in the DR will force the government’s hands to retaliate.

  2. Haitian must be thankful for the massive convoy of support, offered by the Dominican Republic.

    It would be truly unfortunate if this charity had a double-meaning.

    It would be very sad if it was simply a TROJAN HORSE that carried an enemy into Haiti’s interior.

    Time will tell.

  3. Échange téléphonique entre le Ministre des Affaires Étrangères Pierrot Delienne et le journaliste vedette de Scoop FM, Garry Pierre Paul Charles !!!!!

    Durant cet échange, le Chancelier haïtien a confirmé le départ des troupes dominicains. Ils sont partis avec les 12 millions de matériel (tracteur, grue, camion bascule, etc) indignés du comportement choquant des sénateurs et autres officiels haïtiens à leur endroit ….

    Le chancelier s’est déclaré consterné et assez inquiet de la réaction de nos voisins par rapport aux immigrés haïtiens en situation illégale chez eux et d’une éventuelle déportation qui serait catastrophique pour l’économie haïtienne déjà très branlante et sur les genoux…

    Il se propose d’ailleurs, immédiatement, vu l’urgence en la matière, de faire jouer toutes ses relations à travers le monde diplomatique pour éviter la “colère” des dominicains…

    Scoop …! Scoop …!
    10/16/16, 4:21:12 PM: ‪+509 36 86 9669‬: Fin heureuse de l’opération humanitaire dominicaine en #Haiti.—-

    Contrairement à une information venue de Radio Scoop Fm rapportant les inquiétudes du Ministre haïtien des Affaires Etrangères, Pierrot Delienne, pour l’avenir des relations haitiano-dominicaines en raison de l’ordre de déguerpissement des sénateurs haïtiens aux militaires dominicains, la presse dominicaine publie une note de satisfaction des deux gouvernements de l’Ile, suite à la contribution humanitaire de la République voisine. Grâce aux Réseaux Sociaux et à l’intervention des Sénateurs haïtiens, l’aide dominicaine a été démilitarisée. Ce n’est pas responsable pour un pays d’accepter sur son territoire des militaires venus de l’Etat voisin avec lequel il partage une frontière terrestre. Fin de l’opération. Personne n’est blessé. Le peuple haïtien et ses Sénateurs ont combattu le projet d’établissement de bases militaires dominicains en Haiti qui pourraient être des irritants pour le peuple au risque de provoquer certains incidents regrettables aux conséquences incalculables.
    Haití llama al canciller y agradece ayuda del Gobierno tras el huracán
    El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores informó la acción a través de una nota de prensa

    SANTO DOMINGO. El presidente interino de Haití, Joselerme Privert, realizó en la mañana de este domingo una llamada telefónica al canciller Miguel Vargas y le expresó su agradecimiento hacia el Gobierno dominicano, y de manera especial a su homólogo Danilo Medina, por la ayuda humanitaria ofrecida a favor del pueblo haitiano tras el paso del huracán Matthew.

    Así lo informó el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores a través de una nota de prensa en la que indicó que Privert expresó la “profunda gratitud” de parte de su nación “por la temprana y oportuna ayuda”.

    La semana pasada, el Gobierno dominicano envió a Haití un convoy cargado de alimentos, artículos médicos, materiales y equipos de construcción para ayudar a las comunidades afectadas por el huracán Matthew a principios de mes, cuyo valor no se ha cuantificado oficialmente.

    Según la nota de la Cancillería, el mandatario haitiano indicó que, cuando haya necesidad de solicitar ayuda al Gobierno y al pueblo dominicano para beneficio del pueblo haitiano, siempre lo haría, “contando con la solidaridad y el apoyo que siempre ha caracterizado al pueblo dominicano”.

    La información del contacto telefónico se produce un día después de que la prensa diera a conocer la solicitud del presidente del Comité de Justicia y Seguridad del Senado haitiano, Jean Renel Sénatus, y del presidente de la Cámara de Diputados, Cholzer Chancy, de desalojar a los soldados dominicanos que custodiaban los cargamentos de ayuda humanitaria que el Gobierno dominicano envió a ese país.

    El huracán Matthew dejó más de 500 muertos en Haití, destruyó numerosas casas y causó inundaciones en carreteras y cultivos.

  4. COLLINS, you should explain why you think the Dominican Republic would be interested in invading and occupying Haiti. What benefits would such an invasion and occupation bring to the Dominican Republic?

    1. At this time, Haiti is a very important factor, to the Dominican Republic. The DR sells over $100,000,000 into Haiti annually.

      The EEC is also interested in keeping Haiti out of the game. They have spent billions in the DR, creating an agricultural base to supply the European market. Jovnel poses a major threat to this investment, as an agronome set upon reviving Haiti’s agriculture.

      You must remember that, in 1986, Haiti was an exporter of food. Much went to the DR. Bill Clinton destroyed the Haitian rice business, by dumping cheap American stuff on the market. Haiti now imports over $1,000,000,000 in rice per year.

      Recently, the last Central Bank Governor devalued the Haitian currence by some 20%, with no economic basis. A lot of cash changed hands for this action which gave the DR a comparative market advantage of an additional20%. Haitians pay 20% more while their products bring 20% less.

      Control of Haiti, via a cooperative President is in the DR’s interests.

      Privert has Dominican residence, and worked with the Dominican government. His interests lie in creating a situation in which a controllable Haitian government is in place. Having the Dominican military here is a powerful factor, in the forthcoming elections. Haiti has no such force and the DR military would control things.

      Privert’s authorization to the DR military – for the use of “lethal force” was a frightening reality.

      Control of Haiti – via a surrogate – is important to the DR both economically, and politically.

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