July 11, 2019
I listen to Senator Don Kato talking about the benefits or negatives of COHABITATION and – for a moment, I thought he was suggesting a “ménage à trois,”  or some other criminal social relationship, like that formed by Beauplan, Don Kato, Cassy and Pierre.
Then I realized it was the same old garbage with a new name, which seems to be a tendency here, when simple language would be better such as…. HOW DO WE DIVIDE THE CAKE??!!

American inflicted Democracy has just introduced a new Institutionalized Corrupt Factor to our society.
Until our society finally accepts the fact that elected office is not sought for personal wealth, there can be no future for Haiti. No matter how much money is generated, by Douane, Port Fees, Taxes or whatever….. there will be a politician waiting to steal it.
Do away with the Senate and our society will save $100,000,000 or more per year, when we calculate wages, perks and what they steal!
The business community is more simple. They just avoid taxes, customs duty and other assorted governmental sources of income, wherever possible.

And so, in an economy where our budget should be supported by available revenues, we have to turn to the International Community for hand-outs… and then a large percentage of these are stolen.
Jovenel Moise’s Presidency is seen as a potential threat to this Daisy Chain of criminality.  His desire to actually DO something, for the people, is out of step with society’s norm. With completion of his Baraj Maryon hydro-electric project, supported by the other electrification works, such as solar-panel farms –  he has done more for the long-term future of our society than any previous administration.
Electrification is the key to development.
But, in order to be successful, in  helping the 12,000,000 faceless ones, he must COHABITATE with the criminal element, and this is a trick and difficult situation as they move to block acceptance of a Prime Minister and Cabinet. 
Sort of like trying to have sex with a porcupine. 

President Moise must have the ability to select his own Prime Minister to oversee his own Cabinet, selected – we hope – from Haiti’s most qualified citizens.  How can he hope to generate a successful Mandate when he is presented with a Prime Minister who marches to a different drummer, has a different agenda and publicly states that he wants to collapse the Jovenel Moise government and take over?
We need, Jovenel Moise needs, our President needs, a Prime Minister and Cabinet that carries out Jovenel Moise’s  policies and vision of his Presidency.
We only get so many chances before the International Community will become completely and totally frustrated, then move to impose their own solution to a problem they really don’t understand. The International Community’s solution will simply be a Band-Aid that covers, but does not cure the problem.
Another waste of time.
Let President Moise get on with the Nation’s governance.
The Trump Administration has indicated their support of Jovenel Moise and those who oppose him should remember Trump’s knee-jerk volatility!


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