Clinton And Bush To Travel To Haiti To Discuss Recovery Efforts

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will travel to Haiti next week to meet with government officials and others who are involved in the restoration efforts after the country was hit by a 7.0 earthquake in January.

The two will make the trip on behalf of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which was established in the aftermath of the earthquake to help raise money for long-term recovery and rebuilding.

According to a statement, the two former presidents will “meet with Haitians, the government of Haiti, and others providing assistance to earthquake survivors, with the goal of further establishing long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.”

The earthquake hit Haiti on January 12. According to Haitian officials, at least 220,000 people were killed, around 300,000 were injured and around 1 million were left homeless by the quake.

Though this will be the first trip Clinton and Bush have made to Haiti together, Clinton has already made two trips by himself since the quake hit in his role as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy to Haiti.

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3 thoughts on “Clinton And Bush To Travel To Haiti To Discuss Recovery Efforts

  1. One thing that might help the situation there is re-instating the Military.

    The coward Aristide decided to disband the Haitian Armed Forces out of fear that they would have him removed for his theft of the elections that saw him taking over the Presidential Palace. He murdered his way into power, and any insinuations that his election was Haiti’s first are total falsehoods. He is a crook, murderer, and a traitor to his country. Preval was kept “clean” during Aristide’s time in power, and now the cat is out of the bag. Preval is showing his true self, and should join his countrymen in the open spaces of Titanyen where he belongs.

    Bring back Haiti’s Armed Forces, kick the blue helmeted UN fools out, and let Haitians rebuild their country free of corrupt drug smuggling liars and thieves.

    The people in the US that tour around giving seminars on how wonderful Aristide is need to put their heads back up their asses and find some other country to screw with.

    If it were NOT for what Aristide did in the mid 90’s, Haiti would not be in the mess that it is in, although, things would still not be super.

    Uproot the toxic members of Haitian Government before there are more mass graves being dug to bury the tens of thousands that will die from infections in the following months of rain.

  2. Elizer D is smack on the truth.

    The Forces Armees d’Haiti has been the only stabilizing factor in Haitian history.

    There were only two structured elements in nthe Haitian society…The Church and the Military.

    The Church was so fragmented as to be useless in any stabilizing effort. Liberation Theology tried to destroy Haiti’s traditional Catholic Church.

    If we had the FAdh now there would be no destabilizing effort by President Preval.

    He would have been blocked long ago.

    Preval would probably be in exile or jail.

    Now, the MINUSTAH people share the wealth with Preval and the Haitian majority suffers the result.

    Time for Preval to go.

    Revive the military…Call it something else, but the Nation needs the Force in order to survive.

    As the people!!!

    Really ask the people if they honored and respected the Haitian Military, the Forces Armees d’Haiti. Don’t accept the media garbage. The truth is the Haitian majority pray for the return of their military and the departure of MINUSTAH.

    Unfortunately MIGHT IS RIGHT and MINUSTAH has the guns…so they will stay….until a real Haitian leader tells them to go.

  3. We are trapped in a dark tunnel and we don’t absolutely know where we are going .It is nice to see those two former U.S presidents back on stage to work alongside the Haitian government. So far there is no glimmer of hope. The nation cannot continue to participate in a canteen program where they have to come and obtain food on an everyday basis in order to survive. Those aids were instantaneous and we are grateful to the international community for their swift and continuing collaboration. We need long term assistance. The two presidents made it clear in their recent address to the Haitian people via the Bush-Clinton foundation’s website, but again we will say that ” Actions speak louder than words.” So, let’s do something for the Haitian people before the rainy season.

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