October 30, 2012

Haitians want to believe this incident/arrest was the result of the International Community mounting a sophisticate investigation when, in fact, it is a major confusion, with no one in control. Those, normally involved with kidnap investigations, were in the dark from day one, and remain confused.

The Haitian authority has reacted  by releasing confused descriptions of what they believe happened, when the details should have been kept confidential until a full and complete investigation was carried out.  The immediate release of information has created a situation in which those  really involved have had an opportunity to destroy evidence, or create alibis.

And, in the middle of this, the Brandt MAZDA dealership – a corporate entity – has been closed down by the Haitian authority effectively leaving all of the clients without service. MAZDA owners now have no source of spare parts or service. As a corporation, it is not responsible, or liable, for the real or alleged deeds of a director or shareholder.

Of course, there is the old belief that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

Where are the people Brandt, and his team are supposed to have kidnapped??

Why haven’t they arrested the people involved with the house where the Moscoso children were supposed to have been found? We understand that its title/ownership, possession, or whatever involved the late Monique Pierre, her boyfriend ex-Police Chief from Gonaives Dorfuille and some other PNH people.

There are more questions than answers.

The video released and narrated by would-be Hollywood star Delva, is hardly believable. The Moscoso children do not look as though they were tied up for one day, let alone 7!  The scene was not one in which 2 people had been held for 7 days…no empty water bottles, food wrappers, debris, or general mess. It looked like a scene set moments before, so the film crew could tape it.

Many cannot believe that the Brandt we saw on the video tape released by that idiot Delva is mentally capable of coordinating anything.

Where are his partners?

From what we understand, two calls were made from his phone. One demanding $2.5 million in ransom, and another to his wife. Hardly the actions of a realistic kidnapper, aware of the dangers in phone communication.

We may be in for some major surprises, or anticipated revelations, as the days pass. Or – as expected – Brandt will carry the blame for the real people involved.  Many believe he is a very small cog in a large wheel.

The Martelly/Lamothe team must gain control of this fiasco, neutralizing the dangerous, foolish actions of Secretary of State/Security Delvas and the new Commissioner of Government. They should not be allowed to act without the supervision of adults.


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  1. Reginald delva is no stupide,he hd to protect his bossesa nd prners,dimitri vorbes,jih,stnley handal,reynold deeb,and all his other friends implicated in money laundering,kidnapping and drug dealings

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