CHAMBLAIN:Haiti – FLASH : Rumor of preparation of a Coup or Worse


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Louis Jodel Chamblain, one of the founders of the former paramilitary organization “Revolutionary Front Armed for the Progress of Haiti” (FRAPH) created in 1993 during Aristide’s period of luxury exile and also having contributed to the fall of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004, has been convened by the Government Commissioner Ocnam Clamé Daméus, following his public statements concerning the preparation of a coup against the ruling power.

Recall that Monday on the air of a radio of the capital, Louis Jodel Chamblain had said that a group of armed individuals were preparing to overthrow in the coming days President Jovenel Moïse and his Government, refusing despite the insistence of the animator, to reveal the identity of the members of this plot.

A troubling statement that caused less than 24 hours later, the reaction of Commissioner Daméus who convocation of Louis Jodel Chamblain to come to explain to the prosecution Friday, October 5 from 1:30 pm on his statements.

Statements that have been ignored so far, if they are well-founded, whether they are “intoxicants”, manipulative or simply rumor-based, but which can not be dismissed without scrutiny in the context current politic.




Jodel Chamblain is a real person, one of the few Haitian Patriots with guts and determination, willing to risk all for the Nation.

There is a major move underway to create turbulence and chaos, rivaling that of July 6,7,8 in which people will die and businesses will be attacked and destroyed. The Gedeon led PNH will stand clear of the conflict, an inactive participant in that Gedeon’s officers will fail the Nation by not doing their sworn duty.

Some  good sources maintain at least 2 assassination concepts have been hatched, and not followed through. There was one plan to hit Jovenel immediately upon his return from the United Nations.

His own security force, lying around the Palace grounds in uncoordinated disarray, could be the danger. It only takes one man/woman – one bullet.

Jovenel Moise’s security is a joke. His life is in the hands of people who take their paycheck from Gedeon, a Lavalas/Aristide fanatic who has alredy planned his safe departure for Coral Springs, Florida where he has a $1,000,000 home, his family is already there, and his children in school, even as children around me starve to death. Their parents don’t have the few gourdes to send them to school.

It isn’t as though the Americans don’t know the facts behind these scenes. Their representatives have been kept up to speed on developments. Their naive approach demands “proof” in order to take things seriously.

Perhaps the “PROOF” will be a State invitation to the American Ambassador for a front row seat at President Moise’ State Funeral.

Such is life in the world of American efforts to inflict Democracy upon a nation in which few, if any, could give an adequate explanation of the concept. Few can spell the word, let alone understand it.

Time for 300 Marines to protect Jovenel as he sets out to keep the promises he made during his recent speech at the United Nations.

Jovenel can save the Nation, but he needs help!

We are not optimistic.


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