CEP Member Jean Enol Desir murdered with poison. He refused to participate in Preval’s election fraud and resigned last year from the CEP post where he represented the Catholic Church. INITE suspected. USA cancels Preval’s visa.

France is planning to request Preval’s extradition for murder of their Consul after Mertelly’s inauguration.

Amaral Duclona has implicated Preval and Jude Celestin in killing. Perhaps the trio will share a cell and relive old times.



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3 thoughts on “CEP Member Desir MURDERED with POISON

  1. I SAW THIS POSTED ON Moise Garcon’s Facebook page, and though you should see it.
    Mr. Gaillot DORSINVIL                                  President CEP
    Dorsinvil, Gardia                                               Daughter of Gaillot Dorsinvil
    Mr. Jacques BELZIN                                       Treasurer
    Mr. Léonel D. RAPHAEL                                Secretary General
    Mr. Anténor GUERRIER                                 Member
    Ms. Laurette CROYANCE                              Member
    Mr. Ribel PIERRE                                            Spouse of AmCit, Jn Bernard PIERRE
    Mr. Pierre-Louis OPONT                                Director General
    Marie Lucie BONHOMME                             Spouse of Pierre-Louis Opont
    Mr. Serge Jules AUDATE                                Chief of Staff to CEP President
    Candidates who benefited from Reversals
    Bazelais FRANCOIS (Inite)
    Edouard LAURORE (Inite)
    Jean Rigaud BELIZAIRE (Inite)
    Reynold BEAUGE (Inite)
    Lutherking E. MARCADIEU (Inite)
    Hermano EXINORD (Inite)
    Claude Vital AMEDEE (Inite)
    Riviere DANTES (Inite)
    Patrick DOMOND (Inite)
    Jean Philippe BELIZAIRE (Lavni)
    Jean Marcel LUMERANT (Inite)
    Jean Baptiste Anthony DUMONT (Inite)
    Jacki GUERRIER (Inite)
    St-Hilaire DANIEL (Inite)
    Asthene JEAN (Inite)
    Yves DUPRAS (Inite)
    Valbrun NONCILES (Inite)
    Phanese J.R. LAGUERRE (Solidarite)
    H.E. René PREVAL                                         President of Haiti
    Agnes Elizabeth DELATOUR DEBROSSE      Wife of Pdt. PREVAL,
    Karl DELATOUR                                            Son of First Lady Elizabeth Debrosse,
    Kosta DELATOUR                                         Son of First Lady Elizabeth Debrosse,
    Patricia PREVAL                                             Daughter of President PREVAL,
    Dominique PREVAL NOEL                             Daughter of Pdt.PREVAL; full name: Lafontant                                 Dominique Preval
    Mr. Emmanuel Fritz LONGCHAMP                Secretary General, Haitian National Palace
    Mrs. Gladys LONGCHAMP                           spouse of Fritz LONGCHAMP; World Bank staff member
    Mr. Paul DENIS                                              Minister of Justice
    Jacqueline DENIS                                            Wife of Paul DENIS
    Leon CHARLES                                              Special Advisor to Paul Denis
    Senator Kely BASTIEN                                   President of Senate
    Senator Joseph LAMBERT                              Senator and Campaign Manager of INITE
    Dr. Jean Joseph Andre P. MOLIERE               Inite Deputy National Coordinator (Joseph Lambert’s deputy )
    Mr. Audain BERNADEL                                 Inite National Political Director
    Mr. Wenceslas LAMBERT                            Inite senator and brother of Joseph Lambert.
    Mr. Saurel JACINTHE                                    Newly-elected “President de la Chambre de Deputes”  
    Mr. Rudolphe JOAZILE                                   Newly-elected “President du Senat” 
    Mr. Anel BELIZAIRE                                      Newly-elected deputy,  
    Mr. CHERUBIN(not related to Ginette)           Director of Legal Affairs of the CEP
    Mr. Ephesien JOASSAINT                             Lawyer for INITE at BCEN proceedings
    Mr. Osner FEVRY                                          Lawyer for INITE at BCEN proceedings
    P.S No specific actions is yet confirmed but the list is authentic.
    We expect modifications and compromises as it always happen in Haiti…

  2. yeah such a young guy to die with heart atact is hard to beleive.But the oison sound a lilte too serious to mention without the official autopsi result of the body

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