1. My god, look at the bruising in this man’s arms and head!! He must have been beaten by many-then shot.

  2. This picture might not be published like this, can choc someone; please get it off the website or make sure children gonna not get access to this

  3. did you say it was Martely? keep talking a criminal is governing the country an other want to come in his stead

  4. This is very disturbing; however it is reality! This is what violence and ignorance creates. These young men are foolish for thinking that the very people that they killing and dying for are actually not in their favor. What I’ve been waiting for is for each candidate to go on radio, and TV to call an end to the violence to let their supporters know that they condemn violent protest.

  5. These images will not be removed. There is not disrespect intended, but truth needs to be told.
    In fact, we published the Video of this murder as well today, Dec 13

  6. did you tink about those people who will missunderstand what you want to do while publishing this? You should create hundred or thousand other killer like this man, just because they don’t know what it is live. Did you first send this photo to the police even the chance to do something is so slight. And what about the children di you think about thenm. is your site listed as PG 18 ? even in videogame there is censorship for violence. common man just do the balance between the good and the wrong bringed by this publishing

    1. Thank you :”bobo” for your thoughts. If you have a television, computer, or eyes that see – violence and death are all around you.

      This is a news site, not a video game or children’s book. If children are interested in the news, so be it. The title of the article says what is inside. We are not here to hide the facts of life here in Haiti.

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