Brandt Busted as Clintons with Hollywood celebrate sweatshop

The Untouchables: It will surprise no one in Haiti if this case is suddenly reduced to a rumor despite the photos of Mr. Brandt in handcuffs at the police station and Haiti State Secretary of Public Security, Reginald Delva public statements. Most likely, if the local Haiti authorities who broke this case are not serving a neo-colonial purpose, the ruling imperial hands may have them silenced, marginalized, fired or worse. Those who serve foreign interests, or are well connected enough to these authorities to buy their freedom, do not, like the criminalized Haiti poor, remain in prison.

In 2005, another wealthy Haitian businessman in Haiti was arrested in relation to a slew of kidnappings and crimes.

“According to police sources, the investigation in the disappearance of UNIBANK’s employee allowed police to uncover the existence of a huge and powerful network of crooks, linked with drug money laundering, kidnappings, and many other shady activities. The businessman Stanley Handal and the bank employee Genelus were apparently part of this network. ” (An Important Businessman was Arrested in Relation to Kidnapping cases reported in Port-au-Prince.)

Kidnapping in Haiti began to find a footing after the UN took over and with the 2004 US kidnapping of president Aristide out of Haiti back to Africa. The powerful, connected and wealthy are the worst purveyors of violence and corruption in Haiti. (Yo se chèf zinglendo yo, epi yo di se Nèg nan Geto, se ti malere k’ap bay pwoblèm: Corruption uninterrupted in Haiti)

The international and national media which are owned by the corporate organizations mostly benefiting from the status quo, will generally criminalized the poor, disenfranchised and working masses worldwide. This is why Ezili’s HLLN continually ask this most pertinent question

Why is there a UN, Chapter 7 peace enforcement mission in Haiti for 8 years? A country not at war, without a peace agreement to enforce and with less violence than most countries in the Western Hemisphere?” (See the UN’s own Global Study on Homicide at page 93 and Legacy of Impunity.)

The wealthy sons of Haiti’s Oligarchy, who’ve formed organized killing coup d’etat and criminal gangs known to local Haitians as, the Ninjas, have eluded the law and prison time. With their connections to power and the police, rarely have suspected members of the Ninjas spent time in prison and then not for long. Crime in Haiti is generally blamed on the poor in Site Soley. (See transcripts at HLLN archives at “We are not Kidnappers” and Original Kreyol Audio of Interview :We are not Kidnappers — Site Soley speaks, May 22, 2006, Ezili Danto Witness Project (English translation & Kreyol audio .)

The distraction to note is that since this summer and throughout September 2012,  the US-supported government has face almost daily protest demonstrations from practically all sectors of the society. This Brandt kidnapping case changes the discourse. Moves the focus from the people issues of foreign gold/oil pillage, the internationally sponsored Caracol hoax of jobs and housing for Haitians and basic discontent towards the Martelly/Lamothe government to this alluring Ninja Brandt kidnapping issue.  On the street sources indicate that Clifford Brandt has  bragged to having 275 Haiti police officers on his payroll and was in charge of 15 gangs.

Secretary of Public Safety, Reginald Delva, indicated that senior police officers and former police officers including former police inspector Mr. Edner Comé were actively being sought, suspected of being part this organized kidnapping ring.

Clifford Brandt’s lawyer, Calixte Delatour, interviewed by Gary Pierre Paul for Scoop FM

Brandt’s  defense lawyer, Delatour Calixte, told Scoop radio that Brandt did lead police to where the two Moscoso victims were being held, but denied his client participated in a kidnapping.

Calixte told Scoop’s Gary Pierre Paul that “removing a person is not the same thing as kidnapping”There’s a difference between kidnapping and a personal feud.” Calixte, in his public radio Scoop interview, defended Brandt saying this was not a kidnapping as his client did not ask for a ransom. Calixte suggested Brandt may have organized their “removal” in a power play to settle a business dispute — that this was a settlement of scores between two wealthy families.

Calixte, when pressed, would not elaborate on the “personal feud” or as he said, “un règlement de compte” that caused the “removal” of the Moscoso victims who were found held hostage, handcuffed and blindfolded inside the abandoned residence Clifford Brandt took the police to.

In researching this case, a quick internet name search of the Moscoso kidnapped victims  garnered this FB post from the day of the kidnapping:

“Ayiti Pap Peri
Sa grav net “Haiti-kidnapping: Hier soir, vers 8hrs sur la route de bourdon, une patrouille de la #PNH cagoule aurait kidnappée #Nicholas Moscoso et sa soeur #Coralie. Source: Chantal M. Elie, Journaliste”


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  1. This lady that wrote this article, Ezili Danto, can never be taken seriously since she is so obviously biased against anything dealing with the true Aristide or Preval

  2. To whom it may concern,

    A friend living all the way in Germany called me to let me know that my name was used in one of your articles. I had to go check and surprisingly it was true! I see that you have quoted me on your article, but I am NOT a journalist. I do tweet informations from reliable sources as I receive them, that does not make me a journalist! I am simply a political analyst concerned about change and development in our beloved Haiti.

    You have to be careful with what you publish, especially that it is a very sensitive subject and quoting me as a journalist without verifying is absolutely wrong and unprofessional. I would appreciate that my name be removed from your article considering I am not a journalist and have never pretended to be one. Many people around the world tweet information they receive, but that doesn’t make them journalists….

    Thank you!

    Chantal M. ELIE

    1. Chantal- No, we will not alter the original content of this post, and it will remain as it did in the original that was submitted to this site..

      Please see the new post with your name as the title.


  3. @ Chantal – Unfortunately, when posting on Haitian news sites or about Haitian events, you should use a pseudonym if concerned about your comments being taken out of context or improperly referenced.

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