Bois-Caïman, a beautiful show to remember

Haiti - Heritage : Bois-Caïman, a beautiful show to remember

The Ministry of Culture, together with the National Bureau of Ethnology (BNE) and the National School of Arts (ENARTS) organized a great show on the night of August 14, to mark the 227th anniversary of the ceremony of the Bois Caïman, symbolic and decisive event in the fight against the slave system of the end of the Eighteenth century in Haiti (called Santo Domingo at the time)
National and even international artists such as Eddy François, Carole Demesmin and Erol Josué performed in front of a large audience, where traditional songs and choreographies punctuated the evening and night of residents of the community of Bois-Caïman ( Northern Plain).

In addition, as a prelude to this celebration, the Ministry of Culture took the opportunity to start small structural works on the site of Bois-Caiman “Our intervention on this site is a gesture that proves that now Bois-Caïman does not will never be neglected again. It is a cultural, historical, tourist and religious site to promote and it is a heritage for all humanity,” said Guyler C. Delva, the resigning Minister of Culture.

Recall that the ceremony of Bois-Caiman in the night of 14 August 1791, composed of runaway slaves, is considered in Haiti as the founding act of the revolution and the war of independence. This is the first major collective uprising of Haiti against slavery. In reference to the uprising that followed this ceremony, UNESCO chose August 23 as “International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition”.

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