October 16, 2010

Bill Clinton has already reaped massive commissions, while raping Haiti via his Haitian projects. Now he has been given personal oversight of $1,500,000,000 – yes, that it $1.5 billion American dollars.

This is a case of putting the fox amongst the pigeons.

In case you have forgotten –  16:43 hours, January 12, 2010 an earthquake devastated Haiti, killing over 300,000, creating something like 50,000 amputees, injuring tens of thousands, destroying over 250,000 homes, leaving over 1.5 million homeless.

I mention this because the world seems to have forgotten.

The world now says…almost 200,000 lost their lives while 5,000 were left handicapped.  Pretty soon it will be described as a few dozen dead and one dislocated knee.  This, in itself is a strange agenda…a form of international denial.

People like Clinton are now focused on profitable ventures for themselves, and those close to them. The poor Haitians are ignored to the extent that they are nothing more than an irritant. The focus is on money and how to take as much as possible, while giving as little as possible to  the needy Haitians.

Hillary Clinton sent her spokeswoman, Cheryl Mills, to tell Ambassador Merten that Hillary and Bill did not want elections. They prefer some sort of an Interim, Unconstitutional lash-up, like the incompetent, criminal  Latortue Government they inflicted on Haiti in 2004.

They would favor the pederast Bellerive or lesbian Pierre-Louise.

Is there a message here that I am missing??

Or, perhaps, Madame Manigat, a lady with no popular support who could be easily controlled, as was her husband.

Haitians should not tolerate the game.

Unfortunately, the Haitians are not masters in their own house. They are controlled/occupied by MINUSTAH. There is no grass-roots in Haiti through which the people’s displeasure can be transmitted.

The Clintons are marching to a drummer that is not interested in the well-being of Haiti.

It is time that the foreigners stop trying to stuff bad deals down the Haitians’ throats.  There is a God-given opportunity to actually save the Nation and we are inflicted with bums like Bill Clinton who is disliked by the real majority of Haitians.

Bill Clinton had two terms in which to do something for Haiti but did nothing. Why should we believe he has changed??

As Clinton once said…”Keep it simple, stupid!”

Follow his advice.



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  1. amigos these are serious allegations.
    as I always say it,the haitians people need to look for God first then,you will see how everything will start changing for good.Call him bill cliton, Hilary or Bush even Obama,whom have promised the country some real change.a promis that has been made to Wyclef,when he started the Obama campaign in NY. now we have seen how there is a support to disqualify him from running for president. everyone can see clearly that there arer no real intention of changing this poor country to better. But this is the humen way God way is Haiti voodu prevail and voodu is the way to hell and destruction. that is why Haiti is like this and will keep like this until the people decide to turn their back to voodu. what else are we waiting for? we see how most of natural turbulances go to Haiti, having DR just next door and God always protect them over haiti. Haitian have the heart to kill and make sacrifice of humen and animals. I am from haiti,before I shake a compatriots hands,I think it over.mostly, I prefer not to shake hand with my own people.this is sad cause we all know that through their hand I can be converted into a zombi.tell me that I am a liar then i will call u not i hate my own brother? no, I am afraid of my owns. that is why the country is destroyed and is going to be worst. I am not negative. I wish with all my the countrary,but the haitian majority embrace theirfool own fate leading us all to hell.fools and reatarted are those ignorants keeping the blessing of God from falling on the nation.Haitian Chache Bondieu jete voodu pou nou we si na jwen you rout poun soti amba sa nou ye la depi plis ke 200 lane.

  2. i think you dont understand politic to even think or take such a radical view against the clinton whom are helping the haitian people .President clinton is for the haitian people and his action speak for himself . your anger should be at the haitian leader and all the people that live there whom fail to create a merit and gov system where every body from the lower level worker to the ceo are held accountable and responsible for the success and failure of their area in the country.i think you should reconsider your statement if you can not show or support it with concrete evidence before you slender people reputation .!you are not helping the country with your negative energy. i can see from your article that your solution to the haitian problem is blame .

    1. Nice thought, but Clinton has been nothing but negative for Haiti, and anyone that thinks otherwise is truly being naive.

      Name one good thing that he has done for us……..Just one…

  3. Clinton doesn’t owe haitians a damn thing, he is not Hitian and we should be thankful that at least Clinton is showing interest in our state of affairs by trying to promote business in Haiti way before the Earth quake. Now I see him as the main person in the US trying to collect money for Haitians. We as Haitians are not even active in helping each other, we are trying to blame each other in order to put our own people in power to profit from whatever scrape of remaining money they want to throw at us, just like dogs salivating for bones. What’s your proposal? should you be given money so that you be satisfied? Mrin bouke ak tout pale ampil sa yo. Mete acsion nan parol yo. amweyyyyy.

    1. The Clintons are interested in Haiti because they are making millions of profit from our suffering.
      Name ONE good thing that they have actually done. Just one…

      Please feel free to speak your mind. Free speech does not mean that we have to agree on all things..

    2. Your comment is insulting, and does not deserve a reply other than to say no, I don’t think anyone should give me a dime…not one dime..

      By the way, I just volunteer here, and do not run the site..

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