October 14, 2010

Charlito Baker hits the high spots in New York as he attempt to tap support in the Americas. One of the key highlights to his appearance was an affirmation of support for a revived Haitian military, the FAdH – Forces Armees d’Haiti. This theme strike a positive note wityh the majority of Haitians who decry Aristide’s unconstitutional destruction of Haiti’s army.

The FAdH was a keystone in Haiti’s law-and-order structure.

When Aristide departed, in February of 2004, the population asked ex-FAdH members to put on their uniforms and replace the corrupt Aristide police force, which had been washed away by Guy Philippe’s rebel band.

The army revived itself, much to the joy of Haiti’s majority, only to be attacked and destroyed by the UN soldiers.

This – in effect – is the reason why we are in such desperate condition today.

Viv Baker!

Viv FAdH!


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  1. There is no sovereignty without the Haitian army in function.The enemies are back because of the presence of their army: Minustah and Co.Haiti is under slavery laws. Haiti is no longer independent. No body knows who is in charge.Preval is nor the president of Haiti. The up coming elections will not bring an independent system of legitimate power in Haiti.Who pays for the elections in Haiti? The foreigners. Thus, this is their govenment.Haiti will take years to get back on track regarding its independence again. There is a shadow power and government in Haiti. There is what we call:” The Great International Agreement Council” put in place to govern Haiti without any Haitian among the members of this shadow government.

    Anyway, there will be no elections in Haiti this year. God will act. All the system will be destroyed soon. The accomplices will go to an other world. Infortunately, Obama will not be re-elected because of the case of Haiti and the non-recovery housing market in the US. tHE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE US will be John Ellis Buch or Mitt Romney in 2012.

    The democrats because their involvement in the dossier of Haiti will stay out of power in THE US for more than 20 years.

    Adieu democrats!
    The United Nations as an organization is out of funds. Lack of funds will change its agenda. A civil is about to start in Haiti for real.

    How many officials and candidates will be sent to the other world?

    A Dieu Bondye!

    There will be no formula in math to help count the deads in Haiti soon.12 January 2010 results are nothing to what will happen in Haiti soon.

    Bon Kouraj zanmi m yo.

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