Arrest warrant against Lucie Tondreau, Mayor of North Miami-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Justice : Arrest warrant against Lucie Tondreau, Mayor of North Miami

Monday, federal agents from the FBI presented at the residence of Lucie Tondreau, Mayor of North Miami Haitian, to execute an arrest warrant issued in connection with an alleged mortgage fraud. In the indictment made ​​public, Lucie Tondreau and several others are accused of defrauding lenders for an amount of $8 million to buy through straw buyers, 20 properties in South Miami in 2006.

Mayor of North Miami, Lucie Tondreau, [born in La Vallée de Jacmel] and former host on Haitian radio, has been accused of having used a radio program as a recruitment tool in a mortgage fraud scheme. Events prior to her election as mayor.

However, the FBI could not proceed to her arrest Monday, Mayor being in Las Vegas as she has confirmed in its Facebook page “Shopping for North Miami at the Recon Convention”.

According to, Me Ben Kuehne lawyer of Mrs. Tondreau, the latter was informed by his family of the intervention of FBI to arrest her at his residence. “I would have liked to surrender her voluntarily. That’s what I’m working on now,” declared his lawyer.

Note that this is not the first trouble cases around the mayor. Recall that in November 2013, the public relations firm of Mrs. Tondreau in North Miami, was raided by police as part of an investigation into absentee ballot fraud.

Recall that Lucie Tondreau was elected mayor of North Miami (55.70% of votes) thanks to the solidarity of the Haitian community in Florida.

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How sad that a member of the Haitian community uses her position to take criminal advantage of her adopted society.

It is an embarrassment to all 9,000,000 Haitians, many who would cherish the opportunity of a life in the States.


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