December 31, 2012
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December 31, 2012Jean Bertrand Aristide has been subpoenaed for a court appearance on January 3, 2012, perhaps for the T-Sony complaints. One major move against Aristide will initiate a landslide as people feel brave.

We are waiting for real complaints, such as those from the families of people Aristide had murdered such as Dr. Roger Lafontant, Sylvio Claude, Mireille Durocher-Bertin, Father Ti-Jean, Father Jean Marie Vincent, Antoine Izmery, General Max Mayard… several dozen people necklaced… and a host of others.

La plainte déposée au Parquet du tribunal de première instance de Port-au-Prince contre l’ex-président Jean Bertrand Aristide par « Ti Sony », de son vrai nom, Sony Thélusma, un ancien jeune désœuvré pensionnaire de « La fanmi selavi », qui accuse l’ex president d’exploitation financière, suit encore son cours mais “le concerné n’entend pas se prononcer”, a indiqué Jeudi 13 décembre, Mme Maryse Narcisse à Haiti Press Network.

The con-game perpetuated by Aristide, on his loyal followers, saw them lose $200,000,000 or more through stolen funds from cooperatives.

Somewhere, the American government must take action for his major controlling role in smuggling cocaine into the States. They have enough evidence to convict him ten times over. Unfortunately, Aristide gave a lot of key American players bags of $100.00 American bills and kept records. If Aristide falls, many others will follow.

Aristide’s obvious attempts to destabilize the Martelly government, in an effort to take control, may be a factor in the growing interest to actually eliminate Aristide from the game


  1. Jack Peters on December 31, 2012 at

    He could have kept his head down and remained in the shadows. Fortunately, Aristide has never told the truth in his life. While he was assuring everyone he was only interested in education, Aristide was spending money on an underground movement to screw up Martelly/Lamothe and put the Lavalas team back in power.

    Hopefully this will be blocked by those with the facts.

  2. gregoire st pierre on December 31, 2012 at

    Aristide will escape again.

  3. Felix Gautier on January 1, 2013 at

    God may be the final arbiter as Americans never act

  4. mek pok on January 1, 2013 at

    It is still the same demaguogery on the part of Martelly, I am not an Aristide fan but this appeared as another Martelly’s polital mistake and immaturity, it did not work with Duvalier etc…

    This seems to be the idea of Lamothe and Martelly, it is stupid as they look both, so mentally retarded and unpresidential.

  5. jean jean on January 2, 2013 at

    So…. whatever happened to Cliford Brant? Is he home sleeping or going through real justice? How about the names of the official C. Brant released? Why are the names not made public? Why are we building hotels with no major roads? Why is security non-existence? Why aren’t we reviving our agriculture because the world is predicting food scarcity? why don’t I hear about the rivers that are expanding? why don’t I hear about the springs that are drying up? what happened to the young lady a Haitian official allegedly raped? Arresting Aristides, Arresting Duvalier are both smokes of distraction for us the people. Meanwhile the major tricks of the magician is going on… what is it you ask? what else? Haiti is getting raped again silly. God help us.

  6. Ccroquelly Batismord on January 6, 2013 at

    The history of Ti Sony is going no where. they must come up with strong files against jean bertrand aristide such as Mireille Durocher Bertin, Jacques Roches, drug, corruption and more. It seems, the haitians already forgot the case of the baby Nanboune Myrtil that Sor Ann took from her mother then pound with pestle in order for aristide staying for ever in power. Aristide cannot be judged for crime because there are a lot of white powerful men involved in this story. Haiti needs a real revolution to finish with all the thiefs. Aristide, Lamothe, Michel Martelly alias sweet mickey culotte, preval, belrive are all ther same=thiefs, criminals.