2 thoughts on “Aristide needs to go to prison as well

  1. what happened to haiti was not arisrides fault under my behalf aristide should not go to prison because he did not do any thing wrong so who ever says this needs to look back in see how aristide made haiti have phones,internet,and morte so please re think before you say something.

    1. Sadly- FEMALE Comment is made by someone that should follow their own advice.


      Look up the name Sylvio Claude. Aristide had him killed in his first election.
      Aristide did not bring Haiti Cell Phones and Internet. Big business did.
      What Aristide brought to Haiti was the end of tourism, the end of walking safely at night, the end of security, the end of the Nation’s Military, oh and he did bring in TONS of cocaine to Haiti. I guess you don’t mind that, but you are likely only 16 anyhow.

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