Anti-government Movement Loses Momentum In Haiti


By Joe Colas

Port-au-Prince, March 10, 2015 (HCNN).– A movement initiated by radical opposition parties and other groups to demand the early resignation of Haiti’s President Michel Martelly as a prerequisite for their participation in the next election, seems to be losing momentum over the past weeks, in a Caribbean country where significant steps have been taken toward holding long-delayed elections.

Opposition hardliners organized two street demonstrations last week that rallied only a few hundred people, and a two-day general strike launched on Monday, had few enforcers and business continued as usual.

In the face of the weak response to the first day of the strike, organizers decided to cancel the second day supporters of the government say was to avoid embarrassment.

A number of individuals tried on Monday to intimidate people who were trying to go to work and other occupations by throwing rocks, burning tires and uttering threats.

Assad Volcy, a representative of the hard-line opposition, explained that lost of momentum comes from the fact that anti-government protests had stopped for a while and assured that the movement will pick up again.

Haitian president, Michel Martelly, has issued an executive order which set a new legal framework for the organization of crucial presidential, legislative and local elections later this year.


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1 thought on “Anti-government Movement Loses Momentum In Haiti

  1. So these jerks won’t particpate in the election!

    Who cares!

    They cannot put 400 people on the streets, for their marches, indicating exactly how much of the population they really represent.

    Haitians must get used to the idea of living with a government good/bad for the complete term of office. This attempt to overthrow each now government is not the way Democracy works.

    The vast majority of the voters still support Michel Martelly, in spite of his shortcomings. His support comes from the young, and these Haitians are not likely to become involved with these Opposition Manifestations.

    Martelly must refocus his attention on his original promise of Security and education for all children.

    Security is beginning to break down, because he does not act against the troublemakers.

    The school promise is missing its mark as millions are taken from Education by greedy Senators, Deputies and others. Sophia is drinking at the well.

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