Another Tale of Corruption in President Preval’s Gang of Crooks

His name is Leslie Voltaire.  For nearly two decades now, he has been a major player in the political gutters of Haiti, as a presidential adviser or cabinet member, helping the self-proclaimed neo-communist clique running the country achieve their aims of creating a socialist society modeled on Castro’s Cuba, while serving the United States deceitful schemes, and lies after lies, purporting to make the holding of fake elections the new and only standard of democracy in our hemisphere.

And, like the other members of the presidential clique of pseudo-communist parasites who claim their power and influence from their close friendship with Mr. René Préval, the sitting president of Haiti, Mr. Leslie Voltaire’s leftist credentials, earned as a political activist on behalf of former president Allende in Chile, always seem to evaporate when big money can be made from contracting with the government of Haiti, without the hassles of a public bidding process, to deliver one thing or another to the people of Haiti.  As is usually the case with such arrangements in Haiti, Mr. Voltaire received every single penny due to him under the contractual obligations of the state, while he delivered nothing, according to credible sources contacted for this investigative report.

It is not surprising then to learn, that as a trusted presidential adviser roaming the corridors of Haiti’s national palace since 1991, Mr. Voltaire has leaned heavily on the government to amass a personal fortune now worth about U.S. $ 200 million dollars.  Moreover, his personal connection to Mrs. Elizabeth Préval, Haiti’s First Lady, has recently landed him a contract worth U.S. $ 30 million dollars per month, to remove rubbles left behind by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12 of this year.  Mrs. Préval is the former wife of Lesly Delatour, a former Minister of Finance and Governor of the Central Bank of Haiti, and a long time ally of Mr. Leslie Voltaire.  In fact, many in Haiti believe that a blood relationship exists between the families of Mr. Delatour and Mr. Leslie Voltaire.

It does not hurt Mr. Voltaire either, of course, to have in his camp Haiti’s current Minister of Tourism, Mr. Patrick Delatour, the First Lady’s former brother-in-law.  The First Lady, you will recall, is an appointed member of a commission tasked with overseeing all post-earthquake reconstruction projects in Haiti, while Mr. Patrick Delatour has recently raised more than eyebrows in a New York Time article for his apparent conflict of interest as the co-owner of a construction firm doing business with the government of Haiti, of which he remains a member.

Has President René Préval ever asked his trusted adviser, Mr. Leslie Voltaire, how many of our Haitian brothers and sisters could be housed and fed with $ U.S. 200 million dollars?  Or, how many Haitian children could be fed and educated with $ U.S. 30 million per month?   What does Mrs. Elizabeth Delatour Préval, the president’s wife and economic adviser, think of the economic impact of such vile corruption on private investment in a market economy?

Will impunity continue to shield these pseudo-communist crooks from being accountable to the people of Haiti?   Not this time.  Not as we get ready to rebuild Haiti, the right way.

Omega Staff Writers

21 Mars 2010


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9 thoughts on “Another Tale of Corruption in President Preval’s Gang of Crooks

  1. I can recal when Voltaire stole tens of millions set aside for poor childrens tuition.

  2. I have a different view, but I respect you for sharing this story.

    1. If you have a different view, I invite you to take a moment and type it out here in the comments section to get a discussion going.

  3. I am at a lost…We’ve paid money to a high level lawyer in Haiti and NOTHING….Not even a email…Now we are ask to support Leslie Voltaire…Help us to help Haiti….we have equipment, equity and a plan that makes sense from our few visits to Haiti….we can help BUT….who is real in the country that we can partner to do business and make a difference in the peoples lives?….SHOW US A PERSON WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT THE PEOPLE AND GETTING THINGS DONE…

  4. PROPAGANDA!!!!!! if all of your vague accusations were real…why the hell would Lesly Voltaire still be in Haiti. if I had 200 million dollars which is a fortune unheard of in the entire country…I would be buying up half the country under various anonymous societies…or just retire to my own island. either way, I am glad that whoever wrote this article got to make their own small fortune. nice work PROPAGANDAA!!

    p.S. The OMEGA STAFF WRITERS have allegedly been receiving quite a large sum of money to publish false and unsupported accusations on selected Haitian Public figures. They are in constant contact with President Jean-Bertrand Aristide who currently resides in South Africa who provides with a monthly paycheck of 100 thousand dollars…SEE! I CAN DO IT TOO! IDIOTS!


      Voltaire is presently coordinating reconstruction projects for the Preval government and, as such, is the man responsible for giving Elizabeth Delatour-Preval massive contracts for the removal of debris from Port-au-Prince streets. These contracts could run 30 years and are worth an immense fortune, a fortune in which he will share via family connections. He was a close associate of President Aristide in previous governments. During one period in power he and Leslie Delatour, the late husband of Preval’s wife, stole almost $100,000,000 from funds set aside for poor childrens schooling/scholarships. He was Leslie Delatour’s cousin. Keep the corruption in the family – an old Haitian custom.

  5. “Mr. Voltaire received every single penny due to him under the contractual obligations of the state, while he delivered nothing, according to credible sources contacted for this investigative report.” If you had credible source wouldn’t you say who they are?

    Who would stay in such a poor devastated country if they had 200 million dollars?

    This accusations are clearly fabricated. To be taken seriously you have to be provide proof and source this article sounds like a lame attempt at trying to bring someone down.

    1. Name one news group that actually names their sources? This is one of the most worn out weakest remarks, and they do get old.

      I ask you again- NAME ONE NEWS GROUP THAT NAMES THEIR SOURCES?? If you think back a few years, some actually went to Jail for contempt of court to protect their SOURCES.
      You have to be more intelligent than that…….but perhaps not?

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