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Our mission

is to give the Haitian people the resources to develop themselves

through education and microfinance

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£10 a month enables a child to go to high school

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For our students and teachers

It costs 33p a day to sponsor a student at the Andrew Grene High School. Create a unique connection with a student, and see how their life improves through the letters and photos that you receive.

You can also sponsor a teacher at the school.

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Sponsored walk

Sponsored walk

Blog, Fundraising, News

On 24 November, students from the Andrew Grene High School will take part in a sponsored walk around Cite Soleil to support Simon Perutz’s Miles for AGF campaign. If you’d like to sponsor the students, come on over to our JustGiving page. All money raised will go…

Sponsored Walk at the AGHS

Sponsored Walk at the AGHS

Fundraising, News

On 24 November, students from the Andrew Grene High School will take part in a sponsored walk around Cite Soleil to support Simon Perutz’s Miles for AGF campaign. We hope to visit some of the children’s homes as well as local places of interest. It will be hot, and…

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of donations go direct to Haiti

Thanks to the generosity of the P3 group
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UK Office: The Andrew Grene Foundation Nimlok House, Booth Drive Park Farm Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northants NN6 8NL, United Kingdom
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8 thoughts on “Andrew Gene Foundation

  1. Black Ayitians need to develop themselves, the same way or road the Whites had followed..
    Whites are doing a disservice to the no longer Proud Black Ayitians, you should leave us alone with your Charity
    Ayitian People is trying to be self reliant, the best way for Whites to help is to leave the Country and leave us to Ourselves in order to find Ourselves again, when your presence only causes misery, AIDS, Ebola, Cholera, Gun Violence, Drug, Prostitution. Children Murder, Human Trafficking, Hunger and Death

    You are nothing but Lucifer the Angel of Death, and you know it

    1. Mek Pok. I seem to recall ebola and AIDS, as well as most of the inner city gun violence, prostitution, sex trafficking, and hunger coming from black communities.

  2. Mek Pok is correct. Your sordid foundation is probably a child trafficking and organ harvesting operation like all the other NGOs the Clintons are involved with. Pack your bags or face the consequences Gregory Grene!

    1. Lisa- Take a moment a try to read some of the articles here- we HATE the Clintons, and have been outing them on their massive crimes here ever since we began our news organization. You are a complete and total idiot.

    2. This type of threat is not useful.
      If it weren’t for our foreign friends, after the earthquake, and hurricane, the poor would be in real trouble. As it was, Privert’s associates stole all of the relief material, going into the South, until a very strong Haitian took control.
      What have you done, other than talk out of your ass?

  3. Collins, I’ve produced videos and articles and research exposing the people trafficking Haitian kids and harvesting Haitian organs. What have you done? Insults don’t matter if they come from fools.

    1. These videos will be passed on to our investigative team, and will have the facts checked. Thank you for sending the data in.

    2. After review of these videos, they have been proven to be nothing more than conspiracy nut garbage. ZERO factual basis to it. Granted, the Clintons are guilty as hell for a lot of things, this youtube stuff submitted by “Lisa” is absolute garbage.

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