Americans should remember that Aristide toasted Bin Laden after 9/11

Time magazine exactly 66 years ago: Hitler dead in the early hours of May 1th 1945..... May 1th 2011: Osama Bin Laden dead

Americans should remember that Aristide toasted Bin Laden after 9/11, distributed T-shirts praising Bin Laden and refused to send condolences to the American people, finally authorizing a junior cabinet minister to do this 7 days after the event.



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6 thoughts on “Americans should remember that Aristide toasted Bin Laden after 9/11

  1. Usually I agree with most of what you write Mr Collins. For the most part and as your defense, you always claim to be reporting the news that you get as opposed to manufacturing them. I believe you and to a certain degree “your audience” believes you too.

    However, this article is very damaging and counterproductive to what intended purpose you may or may not be serving. Unless you have factual evidence that you can make available immediately, I’d encourage to please reconsider its posting. Your implications are far too great to be taken for a witty banter. Thank you.

    1. If you were alive and in Haiti at that time, you will remember the T-shirts praising Bin Laden all over Port-au-Prince. If you don’t recall this, it is likely because you were NOT in Haiti shortly after 9-11-2011
      I recall Operation Baghdad, when Aristide ordered beheadings in Haiti. I recall seeing the bodies, and being told that I was next-

  2. Jean paul- What news organization divulges their sources?

    The answer is NONE

  3. Who ever wants to serve as Aristide -Preval-Ben Laden Lawyers are crazy.They have chosen to be devils, so, God has to deliver them unto our hands for Justice soon or later.

    Can you remember what happen in Haiti from 1986 to 2011 under these leaderships devil guys? Can you recount them all?

    Tout moun dwe mare tet yo sere, paske, se sa a wi Obama te pwomet kom chanjman an. Menm bon jan chanjman k ap tann lrmond antye.Anvan premye Janvye 2012, nou pa p kite okenn asasen kom chef nan okenn kote sou la te.

    Ayiti pral netwaye klin. Miste klin nan wout pa pita semenm sa a menm.

    Bourik chaje pa p kanpe.

  4. I was here.

    I have a T-shirt.

    There was a lot of graffiti on the walls comparing Aristide to bin Laden. This could not have been sprayed so extensively without Aristide’s knowledge and approval.

    Aristide made a number of public statement, but memories are short.

    Aristide is welcome to honour whomever he wishes – that is Democracy.

    He hates Americans, even though his wife is one.

    Many people, in the world, hate Americans and America – that is their right.

    It is our duty to remind the world of Aristide’s free choices.

    He probably hates us.

  5. Perhaps Mildred is the reason he hates Americans.

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