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I was one of those kids who built model planes and dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot.  After four years in university, gaining a BA in Economics and Political Science, I entered the Air Force  and became a pilot.  My six years in the military saw me fly combat in a number of types including the North America F-100,  the Republic F105 and finally the F4 Phantom.  Viet Nam was an exciting period for a fighter pilot. Upon my release I thought  America’s   airlines were the basis for a continuation of my flying career.  Five   years on Boeings proved that being a bus driver was not the answer.  I went back to school and earned a Masters in Economics.

One thing led to another and I took up a teaching position. This led to an involvement with a church group planning projects in Haiti.  I am not particularly religious, but the people’s enthusiasm and love for their Haitian friends fascinated me.  One summer, with nothing to do,  I travelled to Haiti with   missionary volunteers. We hoped to drill  water wells, improve sanitation and provide   medical care. The people of Bombardopolis and Jean Rabel were some of the finest individuals I have ever met. They had very little but shared without restraint.

On later journeys, we brought what we could to meet their needs.

There was one commodity we could not bring in our suitcases, or ship in   containers of the Antillean Line.  We could not provide it via bank transfers. There was no way in which we could see that our Haitian friends got a fair diet of TRUTH along with the vitamins, antibiotics and fresh water we worked to supply. No matter what we did, there was little TRUTH in their daily life other than the fact that most of them would never live to be 50, have a productive job,  or read and write.

jet2I was a neutral observer of the shortfall in TRUTH.  I had no ax to grind. I had no horse in the race. I wasn’t married into a Haitian family which would automatically mean that I was related to everyone and – because of this – could not speak the TRUTH. As a foreigner, many at all levels of the society would talk to me  TRUTHFULLY.  (They still do.) For them to speak the TRUTH  – publicly –  would  mean isolation, the loss of work, violence,  or the need to make an escape to Miami.   Haiti’s history is punctuated with personal disasters faced by stubborn, patriotic individuals who insisted on speaking the TRUTH.  Olivier Nadal, ex-President of Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce,  lives in exile, ignored by friends and family, because he honored TRUTH over his own personal well-being. Many have died in a futile pursuit of the TRUTH.

Several years have passed, since I spent time in Haiti’s northwest and other sections of this enchanted island. I have maintained contact with my many friends via the magic of e-mail.  As the days,  months, years  slipped past I became aware of the steepening trend towards a complete and total vacuum in the TRUTH sector of the Haitian society.

Now President Rene Preval works to deliver a final Coup de Grace to a mortally wounded TRUTH. Preval has personally, and cynically supervised the  final murder  of TRUTH throughout the land. His mission to eliminate TRUTH has been supported by the media, local businessmen and members of the International Community – specifically the United Nations  MINUSTAH  in  efforts to placate a new dictator. Each group has its own agenda in the suppression of TRUTH. None of these takes into account the well-being of Haiti’s 9,000,000 or the Nation itself. Yet again, the elite minority has a strong influence while the massive majority has none. The elite has a parachute in the form of American or Canadian visas. The majority lack this escape hatch and must crash and burn in the final disaster.

The FLAME OF TRUTH is flickering near oblivion.

A small draft could extinguish it forever, plunging Haiti into a primeval darkness.

Someone must try resuscitate TRUTH so that future generations will knows its friendship.  I suppose that everyone is biased, including me. However, I will do my best to provide a balanced supply of TRUTH in the hope that these small kernels will help gain a foothold in that devastated, eroded environment that was once the Haiti I loved and recall in my mind’s photo gallery. With care, and some added fuel, the FLAME OF TRUTH  can be revived and used to light the path to national salvation. The Flame of TRUTH can illuminate the crimes and insults  against Haiti’s massive majority.

Here is some TRUTH to light the way.

You can forward any small pieces of TRUTH you possess. I will add them to the flame until we create a massive bonfire that cauterizes Haiti’s wound.  Only then will the patient survive.

I am the author of the DAILY REPORTS Section of Haitian-Truth.org

Michael Collins

April 2006



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3 thoughts on “About The Founder

  1. Michael Collins was the greatest rebel Irish history.
    I carry his name as did my father and does my son.
    He was my grandfather.
    Many think the 22 in my e-mail address refers to Duvalier when, in fact, it refers to The Collins 22 Society created to remember August 22, 1922, the date when he was murdered by the English


  2. Thank you Michael. I also love the Haitian people. My husband has been to Haiti serving with a mission my church has in Leogonne.We have been ther for 30 years. I have witnessed the destruction of a nation by corrupt money hungry leaders. I always found it amazing that our government would send large amounts of money every year, yet when my husband would go to Haiti I would say are they building roads, is there electricity yet, are they building homes, do we have a local hospital. The answer was always NO. Why is it that no person from this government investigates where the money has gone all these years.It has never reached the people. It is apparant the past leaders (not necessary to name)have nice bank accounts in foreign countries.If it was not for the many Christian groups in Haiti, I really don’t know how they would have come this far.I have no trouble believing that the UN and greedy Americans, and light skinned Haitians are responsible for the deaths of many Haitians. I pray that God will intervene in this country and send the leaders to break the backs of these greedy leaders, and people with the intent of using the Haitians for labor in sweat shops.It is going to take a miracle, but with the right people it can be done.The Haitians need to be told the truth. We now have drug dealers, and muslims invading the country.We need an army of honest men and women with the desire to return their country to the beautiful island it once was.

  3. Thank you so much Michael, now when American friends ask me where they can go to read the TRUTH about Haiti. I can, with a smile, tell them where to go.
    The other day, I referred a good friend Richard King to your website, he could not stop thanking me. Richard’s Dad: Robert King Sr. was an American officer during the first occupation of Haiti (1915/1934. Richard himself is extremely interested in Haiti and what’s going on there. Fine gentleman like his Dad.
    Thanks again for this wonderful website.

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