October 19, 2010

In a nation with little integrity, many believed that the Manigats valued this ephemeral value. Now, in their declining years, when people usually wish to be remembered for quality and integrity, they have gone to bed with the devil.

As predicted by HAITIAN-TRUTH.ORG – some weeks ago – in the following article, Manigat has become an old, fat whore in her declining years. She has accepted $3,000,000 from Rene Preval who has promised to support her presidency with all of his powers, money and pressure from INITE. He will fix the election – through his criminal CEP – to the point where there will be a run-off between Baker and Manigat.

And we see Senator Youri Latortue betraying his word to Jean-Henry Ceant, changing ship to support Manigat. How much was he paid??

Manigat will win.

Preval will control the cabinet and Parliament sine Manigat has no real power base, or popularity.

She could not, nor could her busband, put 2000 people in front of the palace.

This is really the coup de grace and the International Community will stand there politely as Preval shoves the broom up their ass.

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The recent tour of northern Haiti  by presidential candidate Jean-Henry Ceant, accompanied by Senator Rudi Boulos,  struck fear into the Preval camp.    Ceant was received throughout the area, like a visiting prince. He was mobbed at every location, giving credence to a recent  poll’s 42 percent voter support for Ceant.

Rudi Boulos was driven from the senate by Preval,  who claimed Boulos was an American citizen. Preval   recently   returned Boulos’ Haitian passport, admitting he had Haitian citizenship.  The popular Boulos is seen as the potential Prime Minister in a Ceant government. Boulos is white, Ceant is black, creating an  important alliance in a fragmented society.

If this happened, Rene Preval would   face   justice for  his crimes.  He cannot flee since asylum will be hard to find. Unlike Aristide, Preval is universally detested.  In Haiti,   realities are more dangerous than in societies like America’s. As one of Preval’s intimates  said yesterday. “Preval is frightened. Preval is like a rat  who has taken poison. He can do anything. He can kill anyone.”

Quick action was required and the Preval team has a plan.

The concept is brilliantly simple.  It will succeed unless someone sees through this case of magician’s misdirection in time to save this poor nation from the predator, Preval.

No one could understand Rene Preval’s selection of Jude Celestin, as his Inite  (Unite)Party candidate for the presidency. Many said it was nepotism, since Celestin is married to Preval’s daughter. Many believed, Preval in his panic to  avoid justice,   rolled the dice in a foolish manner. After all, Jude Celestin is tied to many questionable deals in Haiti. He was   publicly noted as the man who obtained a false passport for Amaral Duclona, Preval’s gang-leader, now extradited to France for the killing of a French diplomat in Haiti. Duclona has spilled his guts, implicating Preval in many criminal acts.

It would be useful if France released details of  Duclona’s  interrogation.

And a  recent MINUSTAH survey has the Preval/Inite party  at 2.5 percent, well below any of the other groups.  How  does Preval win, especially with the tainted Jude Celestin.

Rene Preval recently invited all of the presidential candidates, for personal, one-on-one talks. The  leading candidate, Jean-Henry Ceant,  declined this suggestion. Ceant   would only meet Preval in a group, with all  19 presidential candidates.

On the other hand, Charles Baker and Mirlande Manigat did accept Preval’s invitation.  Baker promised    to tell the world what was discussed. Since the meeting Baker has remained mute. Same for  Manigat.

Rene Preval, in a recent  interview with Le Monde, is quoted as saying   there would be no winner in the first round of voting. No one has called his hand on this remark.  It is more meaningful than most suspect.

Until the Christian Science Monitor commented upon Preval’s undue influence on the overall electoral process,  outside observers assumed   everything was proceeding in the usual chaotic Haitian manner. Now,  many are asking how a fair election can be held when Preval effectively controls all facets of the process. His own political machine has all of the money. Preval has plundered the treasury for some time in preparation for this pivotal election. His  Inite(Unite) candidates will drown all others in a flood of advertising and bribery.

Someone once said, Democracy has no calories. The poor, uneducated  Haitian peasant population will vote where their stomach takes them. A few very short term, immediate dollars guarantees very long term disastrous results for Haiti, struggling to recover from January 12’s devastating earthquake. The recovery  effort is  frozen by cynical Preval government malice. Preval plans to release all   blocked assistance material immediately before the election so this avalanche will benefit his Inite candidates.

The fix is in.

Percentages  have already been decided.  Preval’s candidate, Jude Celestin will be wiped out. He will finish well down the list with something like 4 percent. Jean-Henry Ceant, who received 42 percent in a recent poll, will finish a miserable sixth behind the singer Sweet Mickey. Baker and Manigat will be the two going into the run-off   though their real popularity is mirrored by single digit figures. Neither has any hope of winning a really free-and-fair competition, and each knows this.

With Preval’s candidate, Jude Celestin, humiliated, the world will say this is indicative of a truly fair ballot.  The Celestin maneuver is simply the brilliant cornerstone for dictatorship.

Charles Baker cannot  be controlled by Preval, so he will lose the run-off. Preval  promised Manigat, during their 3.5 hour private meeting,  that his entire Inite (Unite) organization will back her in the second vote. Madame Manigat will win. With little popular  support  she will be controlled by the Preval-dominated parliament. Preval plans to steal about 80 percent of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.  He  has the cash resources to do this.  Preval will dictate selection of cabinet ministers.

Mirlande Manigat, like her husband Leslie in 1988, will forsake the Haitian people for personal satisfaction. She naively believes she can control things, as did her husband before her.  Leslie Manigat lasted 5 months, after being selected by Haiti’s military,  before his ego forced an implosion. How long will Mirlande Manigat last before Preval devours her?

And so Preval sets a first in Haiti.

Preval wins by losing.

This will be the coup de grace for a mortally wounded nation.


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  1. Pa okipe pesonn. Pa p genyen eleksyon nan peyi a ane sa a. Tout moun pral pran dyare kolera.Kolera sa a, pa p respekte ni chef, ni viktim. Mouvman kolera sa a, pa senp.

    Se volonteman ke yo kite pep la ap viv nan yon kondizyon pou favorize pwopagasyon epidemi sa a.Pa p genyen moun pou al vote. Se kolera a ki pral deside lavni peyi a.

    Kolera sa a, pral pyafe anba tout kan yo, nan gwo pale yo, nan tout biwo prive tankou piblik. Kolera sa a genyen pou l anwole nan Minustah tou.

    Bondye pa ta p janm kite kolera Inite a rive asasinen pep la pi plis toujou. Se jistis Bondye k ap fet la. Yo pedi kontwol Jenosid la.

  2. What’s the deal with Ceant?
    He can’t even get 5% of the vote in a legitimate election.

  3. I do find issues with a number of statements purported to be a fact in this article. Please consider double checking history and other facts.

    The reason why Leslie was ousted by the military is because he was trying to change things from the way he good old boys used to do things. That earned him a coup. Exile by Duvalier for trying to bring change in the years prior. I wonder how you came up with those stories to devalue and ridicule one of the best minds of our country. If your perception of our best is like that then we must be roaches to you.

    The article says $3,000,000 but its only in the headline. No bank statement, no evidence. In Britain this would have been a costly defamation lawsuit. But in this region we like to see proof.

    You claim that Preval is paying for Mirlande to win but yet he is spending countless money for Jude. (Thus setting a precursor for doubting the win by Mirlande)

    I do not trust any of the politicians that will be on the ballot comes November. After considering their connections, ties, what they stand for, who they owe, their loyalty, capacity to understand the need of the people, culture, gravitas… this is my assessment…

    Dr. Mirland Manigat, the Vice Rector at University Quikeya has more brains than all the guys on the ballot combined. So she will not need people to interpret stuff for her (reminds me of Clinton. Every body else will need a thousand assistants to decode things for them)

    While the predominantly Black nation does not trust Baker as a white man given their distrust for the elite, they will most likely not vote him in(I personally think that he would be great as he has business acumen to create jobs) His most plausible way into the white house is if he becomes Prime Minister, then the people will start to trust him.

    As I recalled Mirlande Manigat said in one of her speech, The Presidency is Vanity…. People seeking that office should be seeking the office to solve problems because this is all they will be doing. Aside from Baker, I don’t see any other problem solvers here. As a 70 year old woman with no political connections, no favors owed, no need to impress anyone she appears to have the purest reason to help the people. That my friend is leadership. (Salomon said that vanity stuff last…. wisdom?)

    So at the end of the day, the people will win a leader. The Haitian people see this. If you are saying that the Haitian people will vote because Preval is fixing it is in essence saying the the Haitian people are dumb. Do not confuse illiteracy for being dumb. The people do have the capacity to see what I see. We all see it! I refuse to believe that the people do not sense fake leaders. The votes will be casted for the right person, what the people at the back office does will decide if the will of the people is honored.

    70 year old. Nothing to loose. Her husband has been the only president since Duvalier that showed accountability (Koze amba ti tonel.. remember that)No political connection, knows the importance of monopolies, mid and small entrepreneurs in the economy. Owes no favors, no one has her in her pocket (Show that bank deposit!!)

    Her husband tried to bring change and was ousted, she has change circulating through her veins,(while others will experiment, she will give us a head start with experience) given the presence of the international community she might get a chance to stay in long enough to accomplish the change that the Haiti disserved 22 years ago.

    So brace yourself, there is possibly light at the end of the tunnel for the Haitian people.

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