February 25, 2011

There is an exceptionally dangerous element in today’s society, an element that has been responsible for violence, and even death: Liliane Pierre Paul  of Radio Kiskaya. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand  words. In Liliane’s case, it is worth 10,000. The photo shows an elderly arrogant, hateful masculine woman who has created frenzies that sent mobs to burn and to kill.

Some were necklaced.

In any other society, she would be in jail.

The Code Penal in Haiti has sections that could deal with her, but those who could act are timid mice.

If Jean Claude Duvalier’s society was as bad as she claims, she would have suffered a horrible, society-serving death and we would not be plagued with her poisonous mouth today.

Now, she is acting on behalf of the business community – having received her “30 pieces of silver” and acts in an effort to destroy Michel Martelly’s possibility of becoming president.

Her increasingly irrational and malevolent diatribes see her blaming Martelly for the 1991 departure of Jean Bertrand Aristide. That’s a new one, created to serve a purpose. What happened to Cedras and Michel Francois, or has Liliane got her Michels mixed up as old age stalks her sagging body.

Without interference, the “will of the people” would be reflected in a vote that sees Martelly  obliterate Mirlande Manigat at the polls.

The crowds Martelly drew in Cap Haitian and Port de Paix were truly stunning. Even the rocks in those cities belong to Martelly. In parallel rallies, Manigat drew hundreds to Martelly’s tens of thousands.  So bad is the situation that Mulet of MINUSTAH, Merten of the American embassy and Preval have urged Manigat to campaign – sans media – so her lack of popularity will not be reported.

Perhaps she should just stay home and have her media people create press releases that reflect her desires and not the truth – a popularity hovering around 4.5%. Even with this, Martelly’s opponents, MINUSTAH, Merten and Preval, plan to steal the election.

Liliane Pierre-Paul has become a whore who uses her mouth in the service of those who pay. At one time she talked on behalf of Haiti’s hungry majority…but the good life has seen her prefer to speak for the Morally Repugnant Elite, as some have called them.

She has been paid, as have other media personalities and owners.  There might be a price for them to pay, in the near future.

I hope that the Mob will remember her betrayal of their interests, and those of the Nation, if Martelly is successful in his bid for the Presidency and she must live in the resultant society.

Everyone must remember that 54% of our voting public is less than 25 years of age. Few, if any of these fit into Liliane’s present list of clients who prefer meeting her in a darkened room than in the light of day where the ugly reality is unavoidable.

Many of the Mob know where Liliane lives. Perhaps some of them will pay a visit to manifest their despair.


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  1. I have dealt with Liliane and your comments are too polite.

    She is really a piece of garbage.

    We told her what we wanted.

    We paid her.

    The next day our propaganda was being pumped out.

  2. Who is the person who wrote this? Is he or she really serious. How can anyone support take Martelly seriously. How can one talk about the will f the people after the farcical elections that this very website had been denouncing?

    The Duvalier regime has been universally condemned and vilified the world over. That includes both Baby and Papa Doc Duvalier. No sane person in the West has been able to praise the Duvaliers except that they were very anti-communist, but, then again, so was Hitler or Mussolini.
    If there were people attracted to the Martelly’s raliies, it was because people like entertainment. However, Martelly could never win any free election against a Lavalas candidate. Articles like this prove that Duvalierists are batshit crazy. They could never any open and free election in Haiti.

  3. The lady is a monster and is dependent upon Haiti’s too free media that can say crimals things withoutn retribution.

  4. Liliane Pierre-Paul father was a prominent Tonton Macoute in Petit-Goave with Mrs Batien.He would never spent a day without wearing his blue UNIFROM. He was the second in line after Vernier Guirand who was the commander in chief of the Macoutes in Petit-Goave.He used to sell Loterie Nationale.

    I remember the what happen in the city a Sunday afternoon, when Liliane Pierre-Paul father arrested the son a of an Adventist pastor who refused to married Liliane Pierre-Paul.That was a panic day. So, I can not understand why Liliane wants Jean Claude Duvalier because I am sure that her team was workind for Duvalier regime as indercover.

    If the Duvalier Lawyers take time to conduct a deep investigation, they wil find the truth. All members from the Radio Haiti team were very well paid by Duvalier governments. Look out and you will find the copies or payroll stub checks delivered to them.

  5. Let us understand one thing, from the start: I am not a Michel Martelly supporter, I am just reporting what is now the truth in Haiti.

    Haitians have allowed their electoral process to be violated and tainted to the point that Preval’s effort to knock Jean Henry Ceant and Charles Baker, out of the process, has left you with a perverted choice between Manigat and Martelly.

    I personally favor Ceant and Baker. I think that they would make a wonderful team as President/Prime Minister, with either filling either roll.

    Having said that, the Haitian people are now supporting Martelly by the tens of thousands, compared with Manigat’s hundreds. These are the unfortunate facts of life; YOU HAD BETTER GET USED TO IT AND LIVE WITH REALITY – UNLESS, BY SOME GREAT FLUKE OF FATE – THE ELECTIONS ARE CANCELED.

    Martelly is – strangely enough – a better choice than Manigat. She is a puppet of Preval and MINUSTAH, with Bill Clinton thrown in as an extra.

    With regards to the Duvalier presidencies, they have, indeed, been vilified. How much of the vilification is true must be dealt with by balanced historians.

    I do know, from personal experience, that the Jean Claude Duvalier period was a period of tranquility, compared with the last 20+ years.

    Once again, let me quote Ambassador Ernest Preeg, from his monograph on the Caribbean Basin Initiative, written for the University of Miami. In it he stated…”It can honestly be said that the Jean Claude Duvalier presidency is the longest period of violence free stability in the nation’s history…”

    He went on to comment about the infrastructure that Duvalier had created, the increasing level of education and the decrease in illiteracy…the improvement in child mortality figures, tourism, agriculture investment…etc.. Preeg was ambassador from 1981 – 1984.

    Strangely, Michel Montas, in the 1975 book, also praised Duvalier for the same things. Of course, as an opportunist, Montas has changed her tune. The fact that she is still on the UN payroll could have something to do with her song as Mulet and MINUSTAH attempt to create a permanent UN stronghold in Haiti.

    Haiti is the author of its own misery – without allowing the majority any say in their fate, future …..

    Had the elections – first round – been properly tabulated and controlled, you would have Jean Henry Ceant in the Presidency, with a possible Charles Baker as Prime Minister. This would have given Haiti a chance.

    Instead, you allowed Preval to pervert democracy and this is now the tune that is played out.

    Mirlande Manigat was bought and paid for by Preval in September, or have you forgotten. She took his money and promised to let him name her Prime Minister and Cabinet. With his control of INITE that means control of Haiti on into the future as he amends the constitution to allow his re-election.

    Wake up and smell the roses.

    Do something before a new dynasty of dictators is created as you worry about the Duvalier past which, in Jean Claude’s case – is usually not the truth.

  6. demokrazi bouda kras suggests that it was unusual for Duvalier to pay Radio Haiti??!!

    I was with media in Haiti during Alexis and Dumas carried the cash to us for the Prime Minister. Everyone does it. You must just accept the facts.

    The Haitian media is not free – it costs moneys.

    Le Matin is owned by Boulos

    Do not be naive.

  7. I was on Rue Rebecca this morning at 10:30.

    There was Liliane’s mother walking along, dressed in a purple t-shirt, long black skirt, pink shoes and a green turban.

    Is there any dangers in Haiti?

  8. I was on Rue Rebecca this morning at 10:30.

    There was Liliane’s mother walking along, dressed in a purple t-shirt, long black skirt, pink shoes and a green turban.

    Is there any dangers in Haiti.?

  9. jean Paul seems to miss the point.

    Mr. Collins is not promoting Martelly. He is just pointing out the realitys as they exist. The first round was stolen. The elections should have been canceled. Now we have a second round with 2 candidates, one of them favored by Preval and MINUSTAH. The people prefer the other. I believe that is what Democracy is all about – when one ignore the promoters of world democracy attempt to steal the vote.

    People have a choice between 2 Manigat and Martelly. Seems as though the big crowds prefer Martelly. Simple reality.

    Cancel election and start again is the only fair solution, but unlikely

  10. Lilian and her mother both wear those turban head coverings because they are bald.

  11. First of all, I appreciate the high-level of discussion, at least by Mr Collins. Baby Doc’s use of state violence is so.well-documented, so well known to the outside world via human rights groups such as Amnesty International that I feel it is useless to argue otherwise. Also, I would need to have a definition of what constitutes “violence-free stability”, especially in view of the fact that the US was particularly aggressive and nasty in the Americas in the 1980’s, the underreported but horrendous massacres of Indian peasants by the neofascist evangelical General Efrain Rios Montt in Guatemsla is a good example. This massacre was kept secret from the West though “liberal” groups were aware of what was going. Instead, they only focused on El Salvador and Sourh Africa. That is why I hold both “liberals and “conservatives” with such contempt, wherever they might be found.
    Perhaps Mr Collins and I share the same goal for Haiti but from different perspectives. I believe that Haiti is partly blamed for it’s predicament in the sense that its caste system is a continuation of the social structure present in 1804 when the mulattoes and educated affranchis started running Haiti in their feudal way, disenfranchising the poor and cutting them off from taking part in governance by using various measures such as limiting education and only allowing French to be the language of education, such as there was, and of government.
    The US and France compounded this contradiction of Haitian society with their sanctions, ruinous indemnities, occupations, and buying off the allegiance of Haiti’s venal but useless elite.
    Though Lavalas should be the ruling party of Haiti, like them or not, the US and France, through their semi-bought off Preval, have set back any semblance of true Haitian democracy by years. One candidate is a semi-educated High School dropout who is a konpas singer, a vulgar one at that, one who has simplistic pro-Duvalierist views in society that, whatever some on this site might say, are not representative of most poor Haitians, i.e. nearly everyone minus the small middle class and the 200 rich families.
    On the other hand, Manigat is the wife of a former pro-Duvalierist who is so out of touch with most Haitians that she is said to be far more comfortable with French than Creole! That speaks volumes ir her Haitian elite credentials. Even if she reportedly has problems with Haiti’s universal language, she can give a press conference in English and even Spanish. No wonder the “international community ” loves her. She has fewer problems talking to them than with the typical Haitian.
    Thus, because of corruption, manipulation, and, yes, even violence, the US has chosen the choices for the few who will show up to vote to validate an invalid travesty of democracy, indeed, a “mockracy”. Haiti has two bad choices: a very nasty disease or death. I leave it to the reader to decide which “candidate” is which.
    In the meantime, everyone is waiting for the real guy with the clout to sweep way unrepresentative fluff from the political scene and we all know who he is. That is the undeniable reality. A Chinese curse is “may you live in interesting times”. The times in Hairi are indeed getting interesting.

  12. Jean Paul….with few exception, I could have written your comment myself.

    But then, people with similar goals, often disagree on a few points.

    Please comment in the future.

  13. Of course Jean Paul conveniently overlooks the dozens of people – including the Reverend Sylvio Claude – who were necklaced during the Aristide period.

    Lavalas should be in the elections and, probably to the upset of Jean Paul – the Lavalas people are flocking to Martelly.

    Unfortunately Manigat or Martelly is not really much of a choice, other than o paraphrase the old Creole proverb, bad is better than worse. Hard to tell which one is which.

    But Martelly seems to have the numbers, while Manigat has her intellect.

    Haiti deserves better but the International Community cannot have a Haitian president that stands up for Haiti, against the will of the UN, OAS, Americans..or whatever.

  14. More people were necklaced by ANC supporters in South Africa than there ever were in Haiti and yet the ANC is undisputedly in power and, like it or not, will be so for a long time to come. In politics, there is no morality, especially in coutries like Haiti or South Africa.The trick in Haiti is to make the Fanmi Lavalas more like the ANC in South Africa rather than like ZANU in Zimbabwe. ZANU at one point DID reflect the majority opinion but they degenerated into a well-armed rabble thanks to an insane, paranoid leader named Robert Mugabe who, incidentally, aptly sports a Hitler moustache.
    It is irrelevant to me if Lavalas wins or not but since they cannot participate, that is besides the question. The question is what do the majority of Haitians want? Mr. Franck hates Lavalas so much that it is his hope that the majority will indeed flock to a flunky nobody like Martelly instead of Lavalas. However, how many will actually vote? Perhaps some Lavalas supporters might vote for Martelly but most ill probably not if the November 28 elections are anything to go by. Most will probably abstain, especially if he-who-must-not-be-named tells voters not to vote. Does Mr Franck actually think that Martelly could beat Lavalas in an open and free election in which there is high voter participation? Wishful thinking does not always translate into reality. My concern is that the true will of the Haitian is respected. A theoretical election of the buttocks-bearing konpas clown would not reflect the true will of the people any more than the election of a Francophone has-been in the pocket of the powers that be.

  15. Ambassador Merten has now declared the election over when he told a meeting of American and foreign nationals…that he wanted Manigat, nothing else!

    So why are we wasting millions on an election that Hillary Clinton has already decided.

    Just as Stalin held elections, with only one candidate…so it is with Haiti.


  16. Yes Liliane’s mother lives near Rue Rebecca. In any other place someone wouold bother her because of a daughter’s malicious behaviour, but not in Haiti

  17. I don’t know this Lady, Lilian. I’m an American living in America so the only source of info I get are my Haitian wife, sites like this, and whatever articles I find, but I feel that any Haitian who is not afraid to speak out about what has been going on in Haiti is a good thing. I believe that the Haitian people should choose their leader. It’s their right. Personally, neither Martelly or Manigat are sound choices for the daunting task that confronts the next president of Haiti. The two who should be running, Ceant and Baker, were the only candidates able to take on the job and do it for the people rather for themselves. So at this point, regardless of who the Haitian people vote into the presidency nothing will change for them. As long as they let the international community, Minusta, CEP and the OAS crap on their land I can’t help but think that they are simply puppets with a false sense of rights.

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