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25/11/2012 08:20:35

Haiti - Reconstruction : 53.2% of the promises kept, by the international community (2010-2012)

The United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti (OSE) has revised its analysis of pledges made for post-earthquake recovery activities, revealing a disbursement rate for the 2010-2012 period among public sector donors of 53,2%.

The 55 donors pledged [in New York March 31, 2010] approximately $5,33 billion for recovery activities between 2010 and 2012. (This number does not include debt relief pledges totaling $994,5 million). Of the $5,33 billion pledged, $2.84 billion (53,2%) has been disbursed.

This $2.84 billion was disbursed by bilateral and multilateral donors through five channels as follows :

  • $1.98 billion (69,9%) in grants in support of the Government of Haiti, and to multilateral agencies, NGOs and private contractors ;
  • $281.8 million (9,9%) in pooled grant funding to the United Nations, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank through the Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF) ;
  • $251.9 million (8.9%) in direct budget support to the Government of Haiti ;
  • $213.5 million (7.5%) in loans to the Government of Haiti and other recipients ; and
  • $105.8 million (3.7%) in budget support to the Government of Haiti via the HRF (of which $25 million has been disbursed by the HRF partner entities to the government).

This revised analysis is based upon updates received in August and September 2012 from 55 bilateral and multilateral donors that made pledges at the international donors’ conference “Towards a New Future for Haiti,” held in New York on 31 March 2010. Of these donors, 22 have disbursed 100% of their pledges for 2010 – 2011. And eight out of the 12 major donors have disbursement rates higher than 70% for their 2010 – 2012 pledges.

Bilateral and multilateral donors have disbursed an additional $788,8 million for general development in Haiti, outside of the New York conference recovery pledges.

Out of the funding disbursed from the pledges, bilateral donors have disbursed $43,8 million out of $1,78 billion (2,5%) of their funds as budget support (that has reached the government) and multilateral donors have disbursed $233,1 million out of $1,06 billion (22%) as budget support.

This analysis does not include funds pledged for humanitarian relief activities. It is also exclusive of pledges made by privately funded organizations at the New York donors’ conference.



This is bizarre!!!

We cannot accept the foreigner’s audit of expenditures. There should be some Haitian input to this. Unfortunately, during the first days of the Martelly government, a project to control the ONGs and supervise their spending was put forward – but ignored.

You cannot allow the Zinglendo to collect and spend the money…. Then give you their calculations, without Haiti’s involvement.

Vast sums of money were collected, then siphoned off by the ONGs.


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