50,000 Haitians to be treated thanks to Canada’s healthcare industry

by Christina Parsons

Senior executives and representatives of Canada’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industry came to HPIC’s distribution centre yesterday to see 16 skids of medicines and supplies all packed and ready for airlift to Haiti. The Canadian fair market value of this relief, donated by 18 companies, is $1.3 million.

“We estimate that 50,000 people will get treated thanks to this shipment,” HPIC’s Linda Campbell told the donors of medicines. “Thank you.”

Linda’s personal story (Watch her 2-minute speech on HPIC’s youtube channel: https://youtu.be/BiCOxCh_eZo)

Linda told a personal story that showed the value of having access to donated medicines. “About 3 weeks ago, my husband had to go the emergency department at our local hospital because of what turned out to be kidney stones.

“There was a little girl about 2 years old, about the same age as our granddaughter, and clearly she was in pain and she was crying,” Linda recounted.

Everyone in the waiting room was anxious for this little girl to be treated. It is just heartbreaking to hear a child crying and whimpering, Linda said.

Eventually, the little girl was seen and we know that since she lives in Canada, she would be diagnosed and soon get the care and treatment she needed to get better.

Linda thinks about all the other children like this little one at the ER and her little granddaughter who don’t get treated because there is no care and there is certainly no medicine. Thousands of Haitian children will get treatment thanks to this mobilizing effort of the industry in Canada.

**What’s going to Haiti? **

HPIC sends what is needed and requested by partners on the ground. HPIC’s partner in Haiti for the airlifted medicines is Food For The Poor. They have a national distribution network and will ensure that people in need get the medicine they have been waiting for to get better.

Medicines and medical supplies in the airlift include antibiotics, analgesics, oral rehydration, gloves, medicine for skin infections, ulcers, diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure.

“The medicines we put together for this particular project are for primary care use and to help address the cholera epidemic,” Linda said.

**Continuing to work in Haiti **

In total, HPIC received close to $2 million worth of medicines and supplies for Haiti relief following Hurricane Matthew. HPIC is also working to equip volunteers, healthcare professionals and medical teams who are travelling to Haiti. Next year, HPIC will begin a multi-year government–funded project in Haiti in partnership with Plan Canada called SHOW (Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women).

Companies that gave to Haiti relief

Henry Schein
Johnson & Johnson
LEO Pharma Canada
Patterson Dental
Sun Pharma
Vita Health


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