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On 22 October 2012, the wealthy businessman Clifford H. Brandt, involved in the abduction and ransom kidnapping against Nicolas Moscoso and Coralie Moscoso, was arrested by specialized units of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), within the precincts of his company, Compagnie Haitian motors , located in Delmas 2.


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Given the magnitude of this issue, the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH) has the duty to share with the national and international communities, the facts, the publication of this report.


On October 22, 2012, the wealthy businessman Clifford H. BRANDT, involved in the abduction, kidnapping and ransom against Nicolas MOSCOSO and Coralie MOSCOSO, was arrested by specialized units of the Central Judicial Police (DCPJ), within the precincts of his business, Haitian Motors Company, located on Delmas 2. Given the magnitude of this issue, the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) has a duty to share with the community, national and International the historical reconstruction of the facts, the publication of this report.

I. Reconstitution of Facts

October 16, 2012, in the evening, Nicolas MOSCOSO and Coralie MOSCOSO respectively twenty-two (22) and twenty-three (23) years, boarded their Subaru Impreza, gray, registered AA-07561, to go to their their aunt’s home when they were kidnapped by armed men wearing uniforms of the National Police of Haiti (PNH). They were ordered to leave their vehicle and to board one of their captors, a Toyota Land Cruiser with a State Service tag.

The next day, October 17, 2012, a complaint was filed with the DCPJ. The Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, informed formally ordered an expeditious inquiry. On the same day, around midnight, the kidnappers make contact with the family and demand a ransom from MOSCOSO of two million five hundred thousand U.S dollars ($2,500,000) for the release of the victims. Quickly, it was established that the businessman Clifford H. BRANDT, member of one of the richest families in the country is involved in this case of abduction and sequestration for ransom. There is even the instigator. He is the head of a gang considered one of the greatest conspirators in the country.

Three (3) days after the abduction, the General Inspectorate of the National Police, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Secretary of State for Public Security were informated about the case removal and knew it was an operation led by the powerful gang directed by Clifford H. BRANDT. However, they chose not to intervene for reasons not conclusive.

Faced with this laxity, a high ranking official of the U.S. Administration, sought by the victim’s family, contacted the Haitian authorities and required that the Haitian government provide relief to victims. It is only after this injunction that the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN) provided information on case to the DCPJ and the necessary orders were given.

It should be noted that the collaboration of telephone companies, in particular, Digicel, allowed DCPJ investigators to trace several people working along with Clifford H. BRANDT, number I; Edner COME also known under the name of Jackson TRAVELINO number II in the gang. Ernst PIERRE, Franck SINTERINE, Frediane JEAN, Sawadienne JEAN, Junior CHARLES, Odens MARCEL, Elissoit CHARLES, alias I, Jean Marc MURAT Jean BERNARD alias JB, etc.

Thus, 22 October 2012 DCPJ units, assisted by officers of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and accompanied by a justice of the peace of Delmas, Mr. Samson JEAN, went to the Haitian Motors Company and arrested Clifford H. BRANDT. The police investigation also revealed the involvement of several officers of the PNH. A total of fifteen (15) individuals were arrested and detained for removal and sequestration against ransom, illegal trafficking of firearms, forgery, usurpation of title, conspiracy, illegal detention, possession of weapons, illicit enrichment, money laundering and threats of death.

These are five (5) officers:

1. Marc-Arthur PHEBE, CAT Team (Secret Service) Manager at the National Palace
2. Jacques Darly MICHELAIS, A4
3. Fritz ARISTIDE, A4
4. Oneste Gabelus, A3
5. Gerald FONTELUS, A1.

And ten (10) other individuals:

1. Clifford H. BRANDT
2. Ricot PIERRE-VAL, alias Dje, alias AG, also known under the name of Edson FORGUE
3. Carlo Bendel SAINT FORT
4. Carline RICHEMA mistress of Ricot PIERRE-VAL
6. Berthony Dumezil former policeman
7. Sawadienne JEAN
9. Junior CHARLES
10.Ernst PIERRE

Following these arrests, the Secretary of State for Public Security, Reginald DELVA denounced on the airwaves, the existence of a list of more than twenty (20) people including himself, on which weighs the threat of removal by execution.
II. The police officers arrested in connection with this matter

Here is the MSDS for five (5) police officers arrested in connection with this case.

• Marc-Arthur PHEBE, police, responsible for the CAT Team at the National Palace is also responsible for the safety of the BRANDT family and their factories. He had under his command about ninety (90) employees of them, four (4) officers. He receives a monthly income of two hundred and twenty thousand (220,000) gourds ($5,300), or a salary higher than that of a Minister for part time work.

• Jacques Darly MICHELAIS, A4 works part time for a security company called Société Générale Security (SGS). He provides security for one (1) of the BRANDT children, Carolina BRANDT. For this work, he earns seven thousand five hundred (7,500) gourdes per night. He was introduced to the field by a policeman friend named Gamaliel SYLVAIN.

• Fritz ARISTIDE, A4, policeman 5th promotion group is introduced into security by a former policeman friend, Berthony Dumézil. He receives per month fifteen thousand (15,000) gourds. He is assigned to Port-au-Prince.

• Oneste Gabelus, A3, officer of the 14th Promotion assigned to Commissioner Port-au-Prince is built in the area by his colleague Fritz Aristide. He makes seven thousand five hundred (7,500) gourdes per fortnight.

• Gerald FONTELUS agent, HNP, 19th Promotion assigned to Brigade Motorized Intervention (BIM), is introduced into the area by Marc Arthur PHEBE. He ensures the safety of members of the BRANDT family. Moreover, since the arrest of Clifford H. BRANDT, at least two (2) officers died November 9, 2012. This is Patrick MATHIEU and Yves Michel BELLEFLEUR. The latter was eliminated for not having the opportunity to provide additional information on the operation of this great network conspiracy.

III. Seizures in the case

In the context of this case, multiple objects are grasped by the PNH which between other weapons of war, guns, money, were PNH uniforms and DEA, etc.. They are transferred to the Justice judicial investigation:

• Four (4) M4 rifle magazines containing one hundred and eighteen (118) Cartridges 5.56 mm
• Five (5) duplicate receipts Money Gram Transfer for a total fifteen thousand (15,000) U.S. dollars
• Three (3) Galil
• One (1) FAL
• One (1) M16
• One (1) Uzi
• Five (5) guns, two (2) Glocks, two (2) Berettas
• One (1) revolver
• One (1) magnum 357
• Thirty-eight (38) magazines with ammunition
• One (1) identification card of the National Palace, the expiration date is April 21, 2012, issued on behalf of Clifford H. BRANDT, Advisor President
• One (1) armored vehicle Rexton black, registered BB-53142
• One (1) white Toyota Land Cruiser
• One (1) PickUp Mazda BT 50
• Three thousand eight hundred (3,800) dollars in U.S. currency
• Six (6) pants uniform PNH, five (5) shirts with inscription DCPJ ten (10) tactical gloves black
• Six (6) jackets black nylon
• Twelve (12) knee, five (5) black hoods, six (6) ballistic helmets, six (6) pairs of black boots combat, five (5) black belts, one (1) cap Swat Team
• Eleven (11) shirts with inscription Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
• One (1) counterfeit card DEA
• Four (4) houses are being sealed
• Thirteen (13) phones.

IV. Information on the house used for the sequestration of casualties

The house used in the kidnapping victim is located in the Beauduy Pernier subdivision. It is registered in the communal section of Bellevue Charbonnnière, commune of Tabarre.

The house belongs to the lady Mary Elianne Moussignac, identified by the National Identification Card number 08-01-1949-04-00038. She bought the house with Mr. Ronald APOLLO identified No. 003-818-698-4 then acting as agent for the heirs of the late Jeanty ELOI know as Levy JEANTY, Dieudonné JEANTY Roland Massénat, Mathieu Desulme, Levelt VILVERT, on the basis of a registered office, dated August 9, 2001.

The sale took place in 2011 and registered, April 20, 2011, in the registry of Notary Public statements of Romuald ETIENNE, whose office is located on Delmas 19, Rue Léonard #10.

According to a lease, Marie Elianne Moussignac rents this house to Ricot PIERRE-VAL for the sum of one hundred five thousand (105,000) gourds for a period of six (6) months, from October 8, 2012 to April 7, 2013. At the time of the transaction, Ricot PIERRE-VAL is identified by the numbers of his identity card and passport PP2663732 and 004-988-964-7. The transaction is made through JOSEPH Wilfort alias Rodfort because PIERRE-VAL lives in Jeremie. He is the director of the orphanage, Perpetual Help Center, located not far from the Commissioner of the city.

It should be noted that Mary is the mother of Elianne Moussignac and Johnny Moussignac, a former police officer who was shot and killed October 28, 2006 near this house.

In addition, the house in question is also used for the gang’s training.

V. Denunciations and confessions in the case

Denunciations and confessions made under in this case are overwhelming.

• The gang led by Clifford H. BRANDT has operated for several years and had at least thirteen (13) victims.
• The gang, some people say six (6) while others speak of eight (8) individuals. Ricot PIERRE-VAL and Jean BERNARD were responsible for monitoring the victims. They were contacted by Clifford H. BRANDT. Brandt had already given five hundred (500) U.S. dollars and promised to pay each twenty thousand (20,000) U.S. dollars after payment of the ransom.
• At no time, Clifford H. BRANDT, not release his victims were afraid that they cannot provide information on their removal and their place of confinement. It was therefore planned to eliminate once pocketed ransom.
• The combination of Clifford H. Brandt is also involved in arms trafficking fire. In this sense, he regularly sends money to the United States America for the purchase of new weapons that brought the country to within large speakers.
• Carline RICHEMA has deliver to PNH a Zastava pistol, black and gray, model 99, 9mm caliber, serial 13477 which has been entrusted by partner, Ricot PIERRE-VAL. The weapon and other documents were by Carline RICHEMA buried in her sister’s house, located in the area of Blond castle.

VI.Instruction file by judicial

The file is transferred to the Office of Instruction Judge Pierre Gabrielle DOMINGO.

While most of those arrested in this case are transferred to civil prisons in Port-au-Prince and Petion-ville, some enjoy preferential treatment. Indeed, October 25, 2012, after being interviewed by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, Clifford H. BRANDT was taken to a holding cell in the Police Department in Carrefour in his possession, his laptop.

November 3, 2012, he and three (3) of his accomplices, namely, Franck SINTERINE, Junior CHARLES and Ernst PIERRE are transferred to the Civil Prison of the Croix-des-Bouquets newly opened to receive individuals guilty of the crimes they are accused.

Placing these four (4) alleged kidnappers in the brand news Civil Prison in Croix-des-Bouquets seems banal. But for those who know the Haitian judicial system, this is a troubling situation that requires the vigilance of all Haitian citizens.

VII. Reminder on the back of Stanley Handal

RNDDH emphasizes everyone’s attention to a similar case in 2005 that resulted in the release of the alleged kidnappers.

Indeed, in August 2005, Nathanael GENELUS, an employee of the UNIBANK branch in Damien was arrested by the PNH and brought to the sub-police station on Delmas 62. He has since been missing. Police Inspector James BOURDEAU, then head of the sub-station and other police arrested on charges of having organized the kidnapping and disappearance of a cashier of UNIBANK on behalf of Stanley Handal, a wealthy businessman.

Assigned to a judge then president of the National Association of Haitian Magistrates (ANAMAH), this issue has come to the number of cases classified with no mention. Indeed, the judge grants December 30, 2005, freehand mandate to four (4) alleged kidnappers arrested in connection with this abduction and disappearance:

• Stanley Handal
• Wilfrid FRANCOIS, A1
• Sony LAMBERT, A3
• Renal Cineus A4

To date, no one knows what happened to the case.

Comments and Recommendations

Cases of kidnapping for ransom money today common in the country. They deplete the population, including driving away the middle class and promoting human resources to foreign countries. Indeed, many victims of abduction and kidnapping ransom case against BRANDT have left the country after their release. In addition, the involvement of businessmen in proven cases of Nathanael GENELUS and brother and sister MOSCOSO evidence that abductions are highly organized crimes with powerful ramifications. In this sense, the complete and final dismantling of the gang led by Clifford H. BRANDT is a priority and will be considered as an important step in the effective fight against this form of crime that continues to cast a pall on Haitian society.

If the authorities of the countries holding information about the gang Clifford H. BRANDT had quickly passed the instructions to DCPJ to intervene, number II, also known as Edner COME name Jackson and TRAVELINO several other members of the gang are now behind bars.

Meanwhile, it is incomprehensible that only the name of the Secretary of State Public Security, Reginald DELVA has been communicated to the judicial for investigation while it is himself who said that a list of twenty Haitian people to be abducted and executed by the gang Clifford H. BRANDT outstanding.

In addition, Haiti, the names of civil and political personalities are associated with drug trafficking, money laundering and financial crime. The police and judicial authorities should make every effort to investigate on all suspected cases of citizen involvement in these crimes. And, more than ever, external signs of wealth of HNP officers and all State officials should be seriously investigated.

This practice of authorizing officers of the HNP assets to engage in activities parallel is a great danger because they can easily be put under payroll kidnappers and great big gang leaders. This is also a situation under cover of which they can enrich themselves illegally. In such circumstances, it is difficult to ensure the morality police troops.

In a society where justice is discredited, all offenders must be treated in the same manner. Clifford H. BRANDT, Franck SINTERINE, Junior Ernst and CHARLES STONE are not the first alleged kidnappers, arrested under investigation. All those who were before them, are placed at the Civil Prison of Port-au-Prince. It is also the place Clifford H. BRANDT and his cronies. They can in no way benefit from preferential treatment because this state is already generating a lot of concern about the outcome of folder to a fair trial.

It should be noted that the records of Clifford H. BRANDT and Stanley HANDAL strangely resemble. Indeed, within two (2) cases, two (2) men Business is at the head of heavily armed bandits including police activity Service and former police officers. These gangs are specialized in particular the abduction and sequestration against ransom, money laundering, etc.. In this sense, the fears RNDDH republication of the case in the Stanley Handal handling of the case BRANDT.

Finally, RNDDH warns against all the political processes leading to the release of Clifford H. Brandt and his accomplices. Strong foregoing, RNDDH recommends judicial authorities to:

 Respond to the survey conducted by the HNP;
 dismantle once and for all, the gang led by Clifford H. BRANDT;
 Translate by the trial court before all members of the gang and all those involved in the abduction and subsequent sequestration and Nicolas MOSCOSO Coralie MOSCOSO;
 Instruct all criminal cases fairly;
 Re-open the criminal investigation file and prosecute all Stanley Handal those who were involved in the abduction and subsequent disappearance of Nathaniel GENELUS;
 Ending the practice of parallel activities of police assets.

National Network for the Defense of Human Rights

Affaire BRANDT: RNDDH requires the completion of the investigation and trial of all members of the gang

November 13 2012



I have spoken to the human rights people involved, plus some people in Justice and they seem to be focused on settling a score with Stanley Handal who has been very arrogant since a questionable situation that saw the kidnapping charges against him disappear – in Haitian style.

His threats to the media will bring the roof down upon his head.


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