1700 hours March 17, 2011

In a massive indication of Michel Martelly’s support, several hundred thousand are already gathered in an area in front of the shattered National Palace. The evening could see 500,000…perhaps 1,000,000 or more gather for the event.

All of this as another fraudulent, criminal and – in view of the massive Martelly crowd that is gathering – rather stupid on the part of Rene Preval and his criminal associate – Chamber of Commerce President Reginald Boulos – who are sponsors of the polls. They want their puppet Manigat to become President.

Anyone trying to derail the electoral process, presently guaranteeing a massive, massive, massive Martelly avalanche, landslide, Lavalas or whatever you wish to call it – will do so at their peril.

Martelly’s supporters are prepared to take the street, on election day, in a demonstration of the force behind Martelly’s win.

The nation is ready to explode should the MINUSTAH, OAS, STATE DEPARTMENT or MAERICAN EMBASSY continue their efforts to deny the voters a truly free-and-fair election,


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  1. Are the people there mostly to support the besuited ignoramus or to enjoy a concert in a country hungry for a good time in addition to being hungry for food.

    I really don’t think Martelly is that popular though certainly more so than Manigat. He is a weak candidate and will be a weak president on account of his weak mind and wishy-washy support.

    In doing Washington’s bidding, he will fail to serve out his term and will most likely be replaced by a Lavalas candiate when the mess is over. The clown is comic relief. A transition figure.

  2. Aristide will in Massissi.He will be arrested any way as Fudjimori in Peru.Everyone must go to Yutube to recall the devil speech that delivered in front of the National Palace on Septembre 27th, 1991, asking his criminal gangs to assassinate people for their own fortune.

    What a wonderful tools is Pere Lebrun! It is beautiful, banda, nice!. Haitian people must bring to the Duvalier International Airport of Haiti a nicer ” Pere Lebrun” to welcome Aristide and whosoever accompanied Him and also, International Police force must be there to take to Jail at Morne Cabrit for all the people assassinations that he did durind his governments.

    We can not forget what this Monster did to Haitian people from 1985 t0 2011 through Kidnappings,stealing of the poor money through Cooperative movement,people and houses burning,people killing. We need to recall the Famous Letter writen by Senator Maurissaint Yrvelt Chery to the Justice system to point out all the Official criminal gang members since 1999.

    Stand up for your rights, Haitian people! Don’t be afraid to put your hands in Aristide neck tomorrow. We need to teach a though lesson to the future presidents of Haiti in order to correct their behaviors forever.

    From Charlot Jacquelin Sr. to the last people killed in Haiti because of Aristide action, when from South Africa, using the telephone to set up kidnapping, Operation Bagdad,and so on, we can not stay kind to him for any reason.Aristide must pay for killing babies,journalists,politicians,policemen and policewomen,quiet people from all over the world as American, Canadian French,who came to help the country to be recovered.

    Aristide is a Devil, a criminal, a drug dealer, a kidnappor, a rapist, an assassin. We can not accept this Demon to come to teach our youth how to kill more and more.

    Aristide is a Terrorrist. USA must send troops to catch him right away.

    That is the only posible solution to avoid unrests and massive killing in all the region.

    Do not forget my warnings.

    Why noone has the desire to respect the American President for his concern about Aristide returning to Haiti?What is going on?

    Aristide is not Jean-Claude Duvalier, Manigat, Trouillot,Alexandre. Aristide is a Demon.We must find a quickest way to deal with him no matter what.

    Good luch everyone.

  3. It is obvious you are one of the minority of Haitians who stands to lose a great deal: a member of the oligarchy, a former soldier made unemployed by Lavalas, a member of the very small middle class, a former macoute, etc. Your message is: Aristide is bad, very bad. Baby Doc not very bad, even good. You then threaten to kill Aristide violently.

    The facts don’t square with all the charges you make. Yes, some of Aristide’s followers did horrendous things but objectively speaking, political violence was way down under Aristide compared to the Duvalier years or the times after he was overthrown. Why will Aristide will receive with such rapture and in such numbers? Why would he win any free election?

    I hope for peace, you beg for blood. Accept change because it is inevitable. Sooner or later, the real democratic will of the Haitian people shall be heard. The Haitian minority cannot hold on to absolute power indefinitely. Get used to it. Deal with it.

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