18th Edition Livres en Folie, Haiti’s Book Fair Goes International

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – The 18th Annual Lives en Folie book fair of Haitian writers from all over the world opened this week with new innovations making Haiti’s premier book fair a national and international event.

The Editor of Le Nouvelliste, Max Chauvet, was accompanied by the Minister of Culture and Communication, Mario Dupuy, the Director of the French Institute in Haiti and representatives of sponsoring companies such as Unibank and Rhum Barbancourt.

Max Chauvet has been dedicated to Livres en Folie since it began in 1994. Every year new records are broken as the event grows. A contribution from the Ministry of Culture and Communication this year has had a substantial impact according to the editor.

This contribution allows us not only to perpetuate the “event, but also to make it a national event and why not… it is becoming increasingly important and offers a busy schedule ahead of the 18th edition,” said Max Chauvet.

“This is our opportunity to congratulate the organizers who bet on a cultural product, and we can say that they are spirit to win,” said Minister Mario Dupuy at the opening ceremony.

He also announced several innovations, including the level of customer service, the presentation of works funded by the Rhum Barbancourt and Unibank.

Unibank Head of Communications, Guy Supplice, announced his institution’s intention to allow for discounts for books purchased at the fair and online.

According to Le Nouvelliste, the 16 branches of Unibank in the territory, including the island of La Gonave, will be made available to customers. Haitian and foreign Internet users can place their orders via www.livresenfolie.com; www.unibankhaiti.com. In addition to the 40% discount, the Unibank promises 10% discount on all purchases made with the Unicarte.

Supplice congratulated the authors for the success of the event. “Without the authors, Books madness would not be what it is today. Livres en Folie is both a metropolitan and national event, “he said.

Representing Rhum Barbancourt, Eliacim William, renewed his company’s commitment to continue to support this national event.

Eliacim spoke of the Barbancourt scholarship to stimulate literary production in Haiti. He said, “to celebrate our 150th anniversary, we wanted to put more emphasis on Haitian books.”

“We decided to award 10 grants to authors-published editions over a period of 5 years. The first recipients are Kettly Mars, author of “Frontiers of thirst,” and Louis Philippe Dalembert author of “The lowlands of abimoir”. They will be signing at Livres en Folie. The two recipients of the Barbancourt scholarship for 2013 will be appointed next week, during a special meeting to be held at Le Vilatte,” said William Eliacim.

Corrine Micaelli, director of the French Institute in Haiti, feels pleased to partner once again with Livres en Folie. “This association is natural for us because the cooperation of the book is a priority for the French Institute. Fortnight for the book, the Institute opened its terrace yesterday to authors, publishers and players in the literature of Haiti to express themselves, share ideas through an appointment at 2 pm daily until June 15. Then we will also host round tables, readings and a scenic evening dedicated to the guest of honor, Georges Castera,” she said.


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2 thoughts on “18th Edition Livres en Folie, Haiti’s Book Fair Goes International

  1. This is not the first attempt at going International.

    In 2004 the even featured a book by Lynn Garrison, as the first foreigner invited to the party… At that time UNIBANK was the key funder.

    The book was… ARISTIDE: The Death of a Nation.

    Garrison had written VOODOO POLITICS: The Clinton/Gore Destruction of Haiti, in 2000.

    His second book received heavy-duty write-ups by Chauvet, and others.

    Finally, someone from UNIBANK read the book and discovered a single paragraph that mentioned drug money in the bank’s accounts. Nothing really serious, or defamatory. Probably the truth.


    Garrison’s invitation was withdrawn and the media had a field day.

    Would have been better to have left him as a part of the collection.

    Whatever happened to him?

  2. I recall that situation with detail.
    It was the 11th Livres en Folie, just After Aristide’s departure, and I was ready to buy a copy of ARISTIDE- The Death of a Nation but the author was abandoned in the days before the event.

    Amazon.com satisfied my desires but I wanted to greet the real person.

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